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Meeting C++ 2021 live schedule

Talks are 1 hour, AMAs 40 minutes, breaks are not listed

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Day 1 (Timetable) | Day 2 (Timetable) | Day 3 (Timetable)

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Day 1 - 10th November

Book & Tool fair scheduled for 16:20 in "Rooms"

Timetable (CET) [Set your timezone]

10th November 9:20:00 - Jens Weller: Welcome Message
10th November 10:00:00 - Hana Dusíková: AMA with Hana Dusíková
10th November 11:00:00 - Rainer Grimm: C++ - The hidden pearls
10th November 11:00:00 - Daniel Withopf: Physical Units for Matrices: How Hard Can It Be?
10th November 11:00:00 - Nicolai Josuttis: C++20 - My Favourite Code Examples
10th November 14:00:00 - Filipe Mulonde: The foundation of C++20 atomics: The knowledge you need to correctly use C++20 atomics.
10th November 14:00:00 - Leon Matthes: Reimplementing Signals, Slots, Properties and Bindings from Qt in pure C++17
10th November 14:00:00 - Slobodan Dmitrovic: How to approach learning and teaching C++?
10th November 15:10:00 - Daniela Engert: A (short) Tour of C++ Modules
10th November 15:10:00 - Dawid Zalewski: To pass and return — the story of functions, values and compilers
10th November 15:10:00 - Andreas Fertig: C++20 Templates: The next level
10th November 16:20:00 - Book & Tool fair
10th November 18:00:00 - Sean Parent: AMA with Sean Parent
10th November 20:00:00 - Klaus Iglberger: Breaking Dependencies: Type Erasure - A Design Analysis

Day 2 - 11th November

Book & Tool fair scheduled for 16:20 in "Rooms"

Timetable (CET) [Set your timezone]

11th November 10:00:00 - Daniela Engert: AMA with Daniela Engert
11th November 11:00:00 - Tina Ulbrich: How to rangify your code
11th November 11:00:00 - Roi Barkan: Argument Passing, Core Guidelines, and Aliasing
11th November 11:00:00 - Christian Eltzschig: Writing sustainable software. The how and the what!
11th November 14:00:00 - Marc Mutz: C++20 Coroutines As An API Principle
11th November 14:00:00 - Peter Sommerlad: What class types we design and how
11th November 14:00:00 - Lucian Teodorescu: Deconstructing Inheritance
11th November 15:10:00 - Kevlin Henney: Program with GUTs
11th November 15:10:00 - Phil Nash: Zen and the art of Code Lifecycle maintenance
11th November 15:10:00 - Marek Krajewski: Two advanced PMR memory allocation techniques in C++17/20
11th November 16:20:00 - Book & Tool fair
11th November 18:00:00 - Bjarne Stroustrup: AMA with Bjarne Stroustrup
11th November 20:00:00 - Kris Jusiak: ++namedtuple - Python style named tuples in C++20
11th November 21:20:00 - Jeff Garland: C++23 Standard Library Preview

Day 3 - 12th November

Timetable (CET) [Set your timezone]

12th November 9:45:00 - Jens Weller: Improving hiring in C++
12th November 11:00:00 - Victor Ciura: Exceptional C++
12th November 11:00:00 - Adrian Ostrowski: Building and Packaging Modern C++
12th November 11:00:00 - Matthias Killat: Lock-free programming for real-time systems - how compare-exchange will become your new best friend
12th November 14:00:00 - Julien Jomier: CMake and the future of C++
12th November 14:00:00 - Patricia Aas: Introduction to Memory Exploitation
12th November 14:00:00 - Denis Yaroshevskiy: EVE: A new, powerful open source C++20 SIMD library
12th November 15:10:00 - Ivica Bogosavljevic: My program was running fast six months ago. What happened?
12th November 15:10:00 - Sandor Dargo: The concepts of concepts
12th November 15:10:00 - Daniel Vrátil: C++ Coroutines and Qt
12th November 16:20:00 - Jens Weller: Meeting C++ Update
12th November 17:00:00 - Kevlin Henney: AMA with Kevlin Henney
12th November 18:00:00 - Jens Weller: Diversity & Inclusion Panel
12th November 20:00:00 - Gabriel Dos Reis: AMA with Gaby Dos Reis
12th November 21:00:00 - Jens Weller: Lightning Talks?

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