Native Instruments joins the gold sponsors!

published at 25.10.2016 11:23

I'm happy to announce that Native Instruments is now sponsoring Meeting C++ in their 3rd year!

Final weeks for Meeting C++ 2016 have come!

published at 24.10.2016 11:45

While its a few more weeks until the conference is happening, this week is the final week if you want to attend. As the deadlines for the student and diversity tickets are on friday, this is also pretty much the final time when you can buy tickets for this years event.

Small change to the student program

published at 12.10.2016 11:07

Well, TL;DR: the upper age limit requirement for the students in the student program has been dropped, so its now either you're a student or/and you are between 18 and 25 years old. So basically:

The Qt Company joins the silver sponsors!

published at 11.10.2016 11:05

I'm happy to announce, that also the Qt company is a sponsor of this years Meeting C++ conference.

C++ User Group Meetings in October 2016

published at 03.10.2016 16:00

The monthly listing of upcoming C++ User Group meetings. From now on also with LLVM groups. This is a new trend this year, that groups for Qt or LLVM (and maybe other C++ topics) form. Talks on this should also be welcome on any of the already existing C++ user groups! In October there are already 33 C++ User Groups meeting!

Late tickets tomorrow!

published at 30.09.2016 12:31

There is still some tickets left, so I want to quickly remind you, that from tomorrow only late tickets are available in the ticketshop. Order today by invoice or in the ticketshop to still get the normal price!

Also returns as a gold sponsor

published at 28.09.2016 13:15

For the second year, joins Meeting C++ as a gold sponsor:

Reminder: Late tickets soon

published at 27.09.2016 15:42

We're running out of space at Meeting C++ this year again it seems. The late tickets are going to be in effect by October 1st, as planned. But it might be that the conference is at least temporarily sold out.

KDAB returns as gold sponsor

published at 27.09.2016 13:05

I'm happy to share with you the news: KDAB returns as a gold sponsor!

Announcing diversity tickets for Meeting C++ 2016

published at 19.09.2016 07:49

This is something new for Meeting C++, I am finally able to offer diversity tickets for this years conference. This is possible through the help of the Travis Foundation and their initiative. Like the student program, I decided to make 25 tickets available for this.

Meeting C++ @ CppCon

published at 14.09.2016 10:32

On Sunday, CppCon starts, and I will be once again visiting Bellevue for this great week of C++ content. I'm looking forward to meet many old and new friends!

A new gold sponsor: NumScale

published at 13.09.2016 10:27

With numscale another new sponsor joins Meeting C++ in this year for the first time!

A new gold sponsor: TomTom

published at 12.09.2016 16:00

A new sponsor is joining us for Meeting C++ 2016: TomTom will be there at the conference for the first time!

Announcing the Meeting C++ Student Program!

published at 07.09.2016 09:44

I am happy to announce the start of the Meeting C++ Student program. Its going to bring 25 students to the conference this year!

Can you sponsor Meeting C++ 2016?

published at 05.09.2016 17:48

A final call for sponsors! With only a few weeks left, its a good time to come on board as a sponsor!

C++ User Group Meetings in September 2016

published at 31.08.2016 23:24

Another month, another round of User Group Meetings! September has lots of User Groups meeting (32 in total), and offers a highlight of the C++ year: CppCon!

Late tickets: one more month

published at 31.08.2016 09:46

This is a quick reminder, that from 1st of October the tickets for Meeting C++ 2016 will be more expensive...

An update on the student program

published at 30.08.2016 14:04

Age requirement has been dropped for students

A new silver sponsor: IncrediBuild

published at 24.08.2016 10:38

I'm proud to announce, that for the third year in a row, IncrediBuild is a sponsor of Meeting C++.

C++ User Group Meetings in August 2016

published at 31.07.2016 13:56

The monthly overview on the upcoming C++ User Group meetings. As there is again a group meeting at the first, I have to publish this today, so that there will still be some groups not in the listing, as they are publishing their meetings in the coming days. Still, already 26 groups will meet in August!