More Videos are online!

published at 16.12.2016 18:50

With today, almost all videos from the A and all videos of the D Track are online. There is a recording issue with one talk in the A track, which might get resolved in 2017. Also since today, the Meeting C++ YouTube channel has more then 400k views!

C++ User Group Meetings in December 2016

published at 30.11.2016 16:51

I still feel very honored and humbled that Bjarne Stroustrup mentioned this list in his keynote at Meeting C++ 2016. He recognized the importance of community work, and the lack that has existed for this in the C++ community it self.  So which C++ User Groups meet in the upcoming and final month of 2016? In total its already 30 groups which are meeting, also there are 10 new groups since the last posting:

First Videos and pictures are online!

published at 30.11.2016 14:33

A quick news entry about this years videos: the lightning talks are already online since yesterday, I hope to follow up with the keynotes and secret lightning talks soon*. I might prepare some of the other videos first, but want to release the keynotes next, asap.

Meeting C++ 2016 Feedback results

published at 29.11.2016 11:40

Yesterday the feedback period for this years Meeting C++ conference ended. 146 attendees have provided feedback, there seems to be a comment on every talk, often several. The keynotes received the most feedback, together with the general feedback option for the conference. The comments and feedback results have been shared with the speakers already, here is the top 5:

Meeting C++ 2016 is sold out!

published at 09.11.2016 11:36

A bit later then I expected it, Meeting C++ 2016 is sold out!

PPQ = Pizza & Pasta and a Quiz!

published at 08.11.2016 12:49

Last year there was a gap between the end of the talks and the beginning of the party, this year its a bit different.

The last sponsor:

published at 02.11.2016 15:28

I am happy to announce, that the package manager conan is the last sponsor to join Meeting C++ 2016. They join as a silver sponsor!

C++ User Group Meetings in November 2016

published at 01.11.2016 16:40

This month features 38 C++ User Group meetings already! Plus several C++ Conferences, including Meeting C++ 2016! I included since this month also the LLVM groups which are meeting, there are a few. This is why this month has also 12 new User Groups, with the latest additions of a new group in London and Melbourne!

Deadline is tomorrow for student & diversity tickets!

published at 27.10.2016 11:52

A quick reminder, that tomorrow is the final date to submit your application to the Meeting C++ 2016 programs for the student and diversity tickets!

Lightning talks @ Meeting C++ 2016

published at 26.10.2016 09:56

Again this year, the schedule for Meeting C++ 2016 contains two sessions for lightning talks. Yesterday the "call for lightning talks" was mailed to the attendees, which are now able to submit lightning talks to the conference until November 6th. Attendees which did not get this email or just got their ticket now and want to submit a lightning talk, please contact me for this.

Announcing the Lounge Track

published at 25.10.2016 16:12

If you look at the schedule, you might notice two changes. Most visible is that there is now a floor plan for the conference. The other one is very subtle: the breaks now have a hint for a 6th track. Also: if you don't have a ticket yet, you should get it with in this week!

Native Instruments joins the gold sponsors!

published at 25.10.2016 11:23

I'm happy to announce that Native Instruments is now sponsoring Meeting C++ in their 3rd year!

Final weeks for Meeting C++ 2016 have come!

published at 24.10.2016 11:45

While its a few more weeks until the conference is happening, this week is the final week if you want to attend. As the deadlines for the student and diversity tickets are on friday, this is also pretty much the final time when you can buy tickets for this years event.

Small change to the student program

published at 12.10.2016 11:07

Well, TL;DR: the upper age limit requirement for the students in the student program has been dropped, so its now either you're a student or/and you are between 18 and 25 years old. So basically:

The Qt Company joins the silver sponsors!

published at 11.10.2016 11:05

I'm happy to announce, that also the Qt company is a sponsor of this years Meeting C++ conference.

C++ User Group Meetings in October 2016

published at 03.10.2016 16:00

The monthly listing of upcoming C++ User Group meetings. From now on also with LLVM groups. This is a new trend this year, that groups for Qt or LLVM (and maybe other C++ topics) form. Talks on this should also be welcome on any of the already existing C++ user groups! In October there are already 33 C++ User Groups meeting!

Late tickets tomorrow!

published at 30.09.2016 12:31

There is still some tickets left, so I want to quickly remind you, that from tomorrow only late tickets are available in the ticketshop. Order today by invoice or in the ticketshop to still get the normal price!

Also returns as a gold sponsor

published at 28.09.2016 13:15

For the second year, joins Meeting C++ as a gold sponsor:

Reminder: Late tickets soon

published at 27.09.2016 15:42

We're running out of space at Meeting C++ this year again it seems. The late tickets are going to be in effect by October 1st, as planned. But it might be that the conference is at least temporarily sold out.

KDAB returns as gold sponsor

published at 27.09.2016 13:05

I'm happy to share with you the news: KDAB returns as a gold sponsor!