A new gold sponsor: TomTom

published at 12.09.2016 16:00

A new sponsor is joining us for Meeting C++ 2016: TomTom will be there at the conference for the first time!

Announcing the Meeting C++ Student Program!

published at 07.09.2016 09:44

I am happy to announce the start of the Meeting C++ Student program. Its going to bring 25 students to the conference this year!

Can you sponsor Meeting C++ 2016?

published at 05.09.2016 17:48

A final call for sponsors! With only a few weeks left, its a good time to come on board as a sponsor!

C++ User Group Meetings in September 2016

published at 31.08.2016 23:24

Another month, another round of User Group Meetings! September has lots of User Groups meeting (32 in total), and offers a highlight of the C++ year: CppCon!

Late tickets: one more month

published at 31.08.2016 09:46

This is a quick reminder, that from 1st of October the tickets for Meeting C++ 2016 will be more expensive...

An update on the student program

published at 30.08.2016 14:04

Age requirement has been dropped for students

A new silver sponsor: IncrediBuild

published at 24.08.2016 10:38

I'm proud to announce, that for the third year in a row, IncrediBuild is a sponsor of Meeting C++.

C++ User Group Meetings in August 2016

published at 31.07.2016 13:56

The monthly overview on the upcoming C++ User Group meetings. As there is again a group meeting at the first, I have to publish this today, so that there will still be some groups not in the listing, as they are publishing their meetings in the coming days. Still, already 26 groups will meet in August!

An update on the Workshop Day

published at 25.07.2016 12:12

There is an update on the Meeting C++ Workshopday in front of Meeting C++ 2016. I am now able to announce the talks that will close out the day! After 3 sessions of hands on learning about boost with Boris Schäling or Multithreading with Rainer Grimm, the day will end with another 90 minute session on topic, as a presentation.

Closing keynote & full schedule of Meeting C++ 2016

published at 20.07.2016 11:39

Since mid of June the program of the 5th Meeting C++ conference was taking shape. With the selection of the talks it was also clear in which tracks they go, so that the schedule it self was almost ready, except a last detail: the closing keynote.

Optiver joins the gold sponsors

published at 19.07.2016 16:34

A long time sponsor returns to Meeting C++ as Optiver joins the gold sponsors:

C++ User Group Meetings in July 2016

published at 01.07.2016 11:47

The montly overview of upcoming C++ User Group Meetings. In July there are 23 C++ User Groups meeting already, and a few more are probably still planning their meetings.

A new silver sponsor: Klanik

published at 29.06.2016 10:45

I'm happy to welcome a new silver sponsor:

4 years of Meeting C++!

published at 27.06.2016 10:25

The first silver sponsor for Meeting C++ 2016!

published at 20.06.2016 11:51

I am happy to announce that the C++ Institute is the first silver sponsor for Meeting C++ 2016:

Votingresults for Meeting C++ 2016

published at 14.06.2016 08:55

Last night the deadline for voting on the submissions for Meeting C++ 2016 ended. Its a huge success, 165 people have voted, distributing 8514 votes on 72 talks, so the average voter voted pretty much on 50 talks.

think-cell joins as a gold sponsor

published at 07.06.2016 13:19

Long time sponsor think-cell will also return to this years Meeting C++ edition as a Gold Sponsor!

C++ User Group Meetings in June 2016

published at 02.06.2016 17:14

The monthly overview on upcoming C++ User Group meetings. In total at least 28 User Groups are meeting this June, one already yesterday on the 1st of June in St. Louis. Tonight there is one in Munich, which might also hold a meeting at the end of this month! There is also a trend going towards founding Qt related user groups, in this case please always check if an active user group for C++ already exists.

Result of this years Call for Papers

published at 28.05.2016 12:26

The deadline for submitting talks to Meeting C++ just passed. 74 talks by 63 speakers were submitted, this is the best result ever.

#gamedev track at Meeting C++ 2016

published at 25.05.2016 16:48

On Friday is the deadline for submitting talks to Meeting C++ 2016. This years theme track is about developing games with C++, the other tracks will be again the popular and general track about C++. Today, #gamedev is regocnized by the SG14 Group in the committee, which tries to add gamedev and low latency specific requirements to C++. To support this work, I decided to make this years theme track about #gamedev.