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Meeting C++ 2020 live schedule

Welcome to the live schedule of Meeting C++ 2020

Talks are 1 hour, AMAs 40 minutes, breaks are not listed

You will be able to join the online conference a few minutes before the welcome message.
Times are in CET, Sessions are 1 hour

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Day 1 - 12th November

Welcome Message

Jens Weller

Scheduled for 9:30

Opening Keynote


Jonathan Boccara

Scheduled for 10:00

AMA Jason Turner & Rob Irving

Jason Turner & Rob Irving

Scheduled for 17:20

Diversity & Inclusion Panel

Moderated by

  • Chandler Carruth
  • Jens Weller


  • Patricia Aas
  • Hana Dusíková
  • Sy Brand
  • Guy Davidson
  • Honey Sukesan
  • Gaby Dos Reis
  • Basit Ayantunde

Scheduled for 20:00

Timetable (CET) [Set your timezone]

12th November 9:30:00 - Jens Weller: Welcome Message

12th November 10:00:00 - Jonathan Boccara: Meta-polymorphism

12th November 13:15:00 - Timur Doumler: How C++20 changes the way we write code

12th November 14:35:00 - Nicolai Josuttis: Hidden Features and Traps of C++ Move Semantics

12th November 16:00:00 - Conor Hoekstra: C++ Concepts vs Rust Traits vs Haskell Typeclasses vs Swift Protocols

12th November 17:20:00 - Jason Turner & Rob Irving: AMA Jason Turner & Rob Irving

12th November 20:00:00 - D & I Panel: Diversity & Inclusion Panel

Day 2 - 13th November

Timetable (CET) [Set your timezone]

13th November 10:00:00 - Hana Dusíková: AMA - Hana Dusíková

13th November 11:00:00 - Sy Brand: Building an Intuition for Composition

13th November 13:30:00 - Jonathan O'Connor: Template Shenanigans: Testing, debugging and benchmarking template code

13th November 14:50:00 - Jonathan Müller: The Static Initialization Order Fiasco - How to Properly Initialize Global State

13th November 16:10:00 - Dawid Zalewski: Lambdas, uses and abuses

13th November 17:30:00 - Phil Nash: OO Considered Harmful

13th November 20:00:00 - Teresa Johnson: ThinLTO Whole Program Optimization: Past, Present and Future

Day 3 - 14th November

AMA - Bjarne Stroustrup

Bjarne Stroustrup

Scheduled for 16:00

Closing Keynote

Programming in the large with C++20

Gabriel Dos Reis

Scheduled for 20:00

Timetable (CET) [Set your timezone]

14th November 9:30:00 - Klaus Iglberger: Calling Functions: A Tutorial

14th November 11:00:00 - Rainer Grimm: 40 Years Of Evolution from Functions to Coroutines

14th November 13:30:00 - Marc Mutz: Partially-Formed Objects For Fun And Profit

14th November 15:00:00 - Jens Weller: Meeting C++ Update

14th November 16:00:00 - Bjarne Stroustrup: AMA - Bjarne Stroustrup

14th November 17:00:00 - Nicolai Josuttis: AMA Nicolai Josuttis

14th November 20:00:00 - Gabriel Dos Reis: Programming in the large with C++20

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