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Meeting C++ 2022 live schedule

Talks are 1 hour, AMAs 40 minutes, breaks are not listed. Submit your lightning talk until November 23rd

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First Version of the Schedule for Meeting C++ 2022

Day 1 - 17th November

Welcome Message

Jens Weller

Scheduled in track A hybrid for 9:20

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Lightning Updates

Hana Dusíková

Scheduled in track A hybrid for 16:00

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CPU Cache Effects

Sergey Slotin

Scheduled in track D online for 16:00

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Timetable (CET) [Set your timezone]

17th November 9:20:00 - Track A (Saphir & online) - Jens Weller: Welcome Message
17th November 10:00:00 - Track A (Saphir & online) - Nicolai Josuttis: Belle Views on C++ Ranges, their Details, and the Devil
17th November 13:15:00 - Track A (Saphir & online) - Dawid Zalewski: Lambdas—how to capture everything and stay sane
17th November 13:15:00 - Track B (Opal) - Greg Law: Cool stuff about GDB you didn't know.
17th November 13:15:00 - Track C (Jade) - Philipp Ochsendorf: Clean Test: a modern C++20 testing framework
17th November 13:15:00 - Track D (online) - Farid Mehrabi: std::function, past, present, future
17th November 14:30:00 - Track A (Saphir & online) - Patricia Aas: The Floor is Lava, trying to teach C++
17th November 14:30:00 - Track B (Opal) - Filipe Mulonde: Foundations of GPU programming.
17th November 14:30:00 - Track C (Jade) - Matthias Killat: Keeping Track of Your Deadlines in Time-Critical Systems
17th November 14:30:00 - Track D (online) - Anthony Williams: An introduction to multithreading in C++20
17th November 16:00:00 - Track A (Saphir & online) - Hana Dusíková: Lightning Updates
17th November 16:00:00 - Track B (Opal) - Jonathan Müller: A deep dive into dispatching techniques
17th November 16:00:00 - Track C (Jade) - Boguslaw Cyganek: Floating point computations today and in the future
17th November 16:00:00 - Track D (online) - Sergey Slotin: CPU Cache Effects
17th November 17:15:00 - Track A (Saphir & online) - Andreas Weis: Deciphering Coroutines - A Visual Approach
17th November 17:15:00 - Track B (Opal) - Anders Schau Knatten: Just Enough Assembly for Compiler Explorer
17th November 17:15:00 - Track C (Jade) - Sebastian Theophil: Typescripten — Generating type-safe JavaScript bindings for emscripten
17th November 17:15:00 - Track D (online) - Guy Tamir: C++ for multi-accelerator, multi-vendor systems
17th November 20:00:00 - Track A (Saphir & online) - Andrei Alexandrescu: AMA with Andrei Alexandrescu

Day 2 - 18th November

Good Morning Meeting C++

Jens Weller

Scheduled in track A hybrid for 9:45

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Contemporary C++ in Action

Daniela Engert

Scheduled in track A hybrid for 10:15

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C++ Standard Parallelism

David Olsen

Scheduled in track B on-site for 13:00

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Coroutines, from scratch

Phil Nash

Scheduled in track A hybrid for 14:15

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The Imperatives Must Go

Victor Ciura

Scheduled in track A hybrid for 15:45

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AMA with Inbal Levi

Inbal Levi

Scheduled in track A hybrid for 20:00

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Timetable (CET) [Set your timezone]

18th November 9:45:00 - Track A (Saphir & online) - Jens Weller: Good Morning Meeting C++
18th November 10:15:00 - Track A (Saphir & online) - Daniela Engert: Contemporary C++ in Action
18th November 13:00:00 - Track A (Saphir & online) - David Gross: Trading at light speed: designing low latency systems in C++
18th November 13:00:00 - Track B (Opal) - David Olsen: C++ Standard Parallelism
18th November 13:00:00 - Track C (Jade) - Guy Davidson: Abstraction: The True Superpower Of C++
18th November 13:00:00 - Track D (online) - Francesco Zoffoli: How to use dependency injection to write maintainable software
18th November 14:15:00 - Track A (Saphir & online) - Phil Nash: Coroutines, from scratch
18th November 14:15:00 - Track B (Opal) - Denis Yaroshevskiy: Enough TMP to write a variant (proper) with C++20
18th November 14:15:00 - Track C (Jade) - Fabian Renn-Giles: Reflection without Reflection (TS)
18th November 14:15:00 - Track D (online) - Amir Kirsh: To move or not to move: an interactive analysis
18th November 15:45:00 - Track A (Saphir & online) - Victor Ciura: The Imperatives Must Go
18th November 15:45:00 - Track B (Opal) - Andreas Reischuck: std::function - a deep dive behind the curtain
18th November 15:45:00 - Track C (Jade) - Nicolai Josuttis: Universal/Forwarding References - A Key to More Modern C++
18th November 15:45:00 - Track D (online) - Gabriel Emanuel Valenzuela: Petri nets: What are and how can help us
18th November 17:00:00 - Track A (Saphir & online) - Timur Doumler: How C++23 changes the way we write code
18th November 17:00:00 - Track B (Opal) - Mathieu Ropert: Breaking Enigma With the Power of Modern C++
18th November 17:00:00 - Track C (Jade) - Marek Krajewski: Basic usage of PMRs for better performance
18th November 17:00:00 - Track D (online) - Kris Jusiak: Nth pack element...: A Case Study
18th November 20:00:00 - Track A (Saphir & online) - Inbal Levi: AMA with Inbal Levi

Day 3 - 19th November

Standard C++ toolset

Anastasia Kazakova

Scheduled in track C on-site for 9:00

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C++ MythBusters

Victor Ciura

Scheduled in track A hybrid for 10:20

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Properties of Unit Tests

Arne Mertz

Scheduled in track C on-site for 10:20

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The expected outcome

Ivan Čukić

Scheduled in track C on-site for 11:40

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Meeting C++ update

Jens Weller

Scheduled in track A hybrid for 14:00

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Timetable (CET) [Set your timezone]

19th November 9:00:00 - Track A (Saphir & online) - Paul Bendixen: std::execution from the metal up
19th November 9:00:00 - Track B (Opal) - Ólafur Waage: Sandbox Games: Using WebAssembly and C++ to make a simple game
19th November 9:00:00 - Track C (Jade) - Anastasia Kazakova: Standard C++ toolset
19th November 9:00:00 - Track D (online) - Christopher McArthur: What’s new in Conan 2.0
19th November 10:20:00 - Track A (Saphir & online) - Victor Ciura: C++ MythBusters
19th November 10:20:00 - Track B (Opal) - Olivia Quinet: Experimenting with type erasure/external polymorphism in C++17
19th November 10:20:00 - Track C (Jade) - Arne Mertz: Properties of Unit Tests
19th November 10:20:00 - Track D (online) - Šimon Tóth: Living comfortably at HEAD with Bazel
19th November 11:40:00 - Track A (Saphir & online) - Philipp Dominik Schubert: The Magic Behind Optimizing Compilers: Static Program Analysis
19th November 11:40:00 - Track B (Opal) - Rainer Grimm: Lets Talk: Extend and Embed Python with C++
19th November 11:40:00 - Track C (Jade) - Ivan Čukić: The expected outcome
19th November 11:40:00 - Track D (online) - Paul Keir: A totally constexpr standard library
19th November 14:00:00 - Track A (Saphir & online) - Jens Weller: Meeting C++ update
19th November 16:00:00 - Track A (Saphir & online) - Klaus Iglberger: Closing Keynote - Breaking Dependencies: The Path to High-Quality Software
19th November 20:00:00 - Track A (online) - Bjarne Stroustrup: AMA with Bjarne Stroustrup

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