A new Gold Sponsor: SSW Trading

published at 16.10.2017 18:12

I'd like to welcome a new gold sponsor to the conference, SSW Trading is for a first time present as a sponsor with a booth at Meeting C++:

Native Instruments joins as the first Platin Sponsor!

published at 04.10.2017 18:44

A great Announcement for a returning long time sponsor for Meeting C++: Native Instruments is the first company to become a Platin sponsor for this years conference!

C++ User Group Meetings in October 2017

published at 03.10.2017 23:42

The monthly overview on upcoming C++ User Group meetings! Many User Groups are meeting in this month, more information on user groups and how to get started with one in the User Group section.

Late Tickets are coming soon!

published at 19.09.2017 18:37

A reminder, that only until end of September the normal tickets are available.

New Website

published at 17.09.2017 23:13

Last Thursday I decided it was time to switch to the new website. All important milestones were met, the old content I still wanted to be around was imported, and the last blocking feature - the system for listing talks and speakers was finally working. Still it took some time longer then planned to iron out some bugs, and get all css working the way I wanted.

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