C++ User Group Meetings in December 2018

published at 03.12.2018 09:35

The monthly overview about which User Groups meet in this month. Want to start your own C++ User Group? Get started in the Meeting C++ User Group section!

Meeting C++ 2018 wrap up

published at 29.11.2018 12:58

Two weeks ago, Meeting C++ 2018 started. The first attendees got their badges and it was again this time of year for my staff, the volunteers and myself: conference time.

C++ User Group Meetings in November 2018

published at 02.11.2018 16:59

The monthly C++ User Group Meeting overview! Learn how to get your own C++ User Group started in our C++ User Group section!

Schedule Update

published at 26.10.2018 11:40

With this schedule update, Talks and Speakers are linked to their info/profile pages and the lounge track is now visible.

A few more tickets are available

published at 10.10.2018 10:11

With the beginning of October all regular tickets for Meeting C++ were sold out. Now I am able to go a bit further in Seating in our venue, so about 40 extra tickets become available.

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