Meeting C++ Certified Libraries

A list of libraries, that have been reviewed by the C++ Community at C++ Review.

Your library can be listed here after a successful review, please submit your library in this thread.


These libraries have passed the review by the C++ Review Community:

DynaMix (Review)

DynaMix is a library which allows the composition and modifications of polymorphic objects at run time. Objects are constructed out of building blocks called "mixins" enabling an effect similar to multiple inheritance while allowing the client code to remain oblivious to the actual composition of the objects.

Metal (Review)

Metal is a modern template metaprogramming library that guarantees SFINAE friendliness above all.

ordered-map (Review)

The library provides a hash map and a hash set which preserves the order of insertion. The library tries to mimic the interface of std::unordered_map/set closely.

doctest (Review)

The fastest feature-rich C++98/C++11 single-header testing framework for unit tests and TDD.