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Day 1

8:00 Registration
9:30 Welcome Message

Keynote - Sean Parent

Sean Parent
12:00 Lunchbreak
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Free Your Functions!

Klaus Iglberger

Threads and Locks must Go

Rainer Grimm

Deep Learning with C++

Peter Goldsborough

14:15 short break

Functional Data Structures

Ivan Cukic

Strong types for strong interfaces

Jonathan Boccara

Improve your C++ with inspirations from other languages

Andreas Reischuck

How to Use Free Visualization Tools to Optimize Applications and Parallel Computing

Dori Exterman

15:30 Coffeebreak

How C++ Debuggers Work

Simon Brand

Modern C++ Testing with Catch2

Phil Nash

Reflection in C++Next

Anton Bikineev

Local ("Arena") Memory Allocators

John Lakos

17:00 short break

Beyond the Compiler: Advanced Tools for Better Productivity

Gábor Horváth

The Three Little Dots and the Big Bad Lambdas

Joel Falcou

C++ API & ABI versioning

Mathieu Ropert

Local ("Arena") Memory Allocators II

John Lakos


Short Break -> Food -> Party -> End of Day 1

Day 2


Keynote - Kate Gregory

12:00 Lunchbreak
  Track A Track B Track C Track D

Practical constexpr

Jason Turner

There Is A New Future

Felix Petriconi

C++: unexpected behaviour

Antonio Mallia

14:15 short break

Concepts driven design

Kris Jusiak

The Performance Addict's toolbox

Peter Steinbach

Is std::function really the best we can do?

Lukas Bergdoll

15:30 Coffeebreak

Declarative Thinking, Declarative Practice

Kevlin Henney

Introduction to proposed std::expected<T, E>

Niall Douglas

Dealing with software dependencies

Kiki de Rooij, Peter Bindels

Modern Continuous Integration and Devops for Modern C++

Diego Rodriguez-Losada

17:30 short break

The most valuable values

Juan Pedro Bolívar Puente

Testing and Verification of Concurrent Programs

Susanne van den Elsen

Fantastic Algorithms and Where To Find Them

Nicholas Ormrod

Tools from the C++ eco-system to save a leg

Anastasia Kazakova

18:45 Food -> Party -> End of Day 2

Day 3

  Track A Track B Track C Track D

Fun with (user-defined) attributes

Jonathan Müller

Code Reviews - Why, What, and How

Arne Mertz

Reactive Equations

André Bergner

 Open Content & Lightning Talks
10:00 short break

Moving to C++17

Jason Turner

From Runtime to Compile-time with Petra

Jackie Kay

True parallelism with no concept of threads

Alfred Bratterud

  Open Content & Lightning Talks
11:20 short break

The hidden rules of world-class C++ code

Boris Schäling

Stringviews, stringviews everywhere

Marc Mutz

Reader-Write Lock versus Mutex - Understanding a Lost Bet

Jeffrey Mendelsohn

  Open Content & Lightning Talks
12:40 Lunchbreak
14:00 Meeting C++ Update
15:30 Coffeebreak

Closing Keynote - Wouter van Ooijen

Wouter van Ooijen
17:xx The End


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