Announcing the start of Meeting C++ Trainings

published at 11.05.2020 08:11 by Jens Weller
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Meeting C++ organizes now its own online trainings, learn C++ from the leading experts!

You can choose trainings from several trainers and participate in the training you need online. Both half day and full day trainings are available. Right now the listed trainings start by mid June and go into July, but soon also Trainings in August and September will be available. My goal is to offer 1-2 Trainings per trainer in one quarter.

The trainings are all online trainings coorganized by Meeting C++ and the trainer. It is up to the trainer which tooling they choose to do the training online, right now it seems that Zoom, GoToWebinar and a few others are popular.

As of today there are 6 trainings from 4 trainers available:

More Trainings will go online later. Booking a training with Meeting C++ supports both the trainer and the work I do for the C++ community through Meeting C++.

About the Trainers

The beta of Meeting C++ Training was open to a small group of European Trainers I do know well. I want to thank them for the valuable feedback they gave online and during video calls.

Selecting the right trainers is important, and not all of them did have the time to register during the busy weeks of April/May. For some the online format is also new, or they prefer to work directly for a single company with the code base that company has.

For the future, I will interview each trainer in a videocall to which training they could offer for Meeting C++. I do know most of them personally for years as speakers, and look forward now to also get to know them as trainers.



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