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Concurrency with Modern C++

Rainer Grimm

Tags for Concurrency with Modern C++

Concurrency Multithreading ParallelSTL

Training starts at

06.07.2020 for 1 day(s)

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Trainings Details

This class gives you a detailed insight into the multithreading facilities of C++11 and C++14 and the parallel algorithms which we got with C++17.

You should have a basic understanding of C++ and need at least a C++11 compiler.

Each participant gets a coupon to my LeanPub books: The C++ Standard Library and Concurrency with Modern C++.

Trainings Agenda


  • Threads
  • Shared Data
  • Mutexes and Locks
  • Thread-safe Initialisation
  • Thread-Local Data
  • Condition Variables
  • Tasks (Promises and Futures)

Parallel Algorithms of the Standard Template Library (C++17)

  • Execution Policies
  • Algorithms
    • The New Algorithms

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