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Advanced Modern C++

Mateusz Pusz

Tags for Advanced Modern C++

Modern C++, templates, performance, C++11, C++14, C++17, C++20

Training starts at

15.06.2020 for 3 day(s)

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Trainings Details

C++ is a hard and complicated programming language. When used correctly it delivers the best possible performance. Unfortunately, it is often misused which is a source of many problems. However, it turns out that in the case of conscious usage of selected language features it can be relatively easy to produce high-quality software with great performance and resistance to programming errors. Such a coding style is called Modern C++.

The training targets the developers who already have professional experience with C++ programming language and who know the problems caused by the careless way of coding in this language. The workshop aims to strengthen the knowledge about the C++ language and show how to avoid many of the problems that often appear in the production code.

This training should be considered a mandatory training for all C++ developers and code architects.

Trainings Agenda


  • Emphasis on understanding the philosophy and mechanisms of C++ programming language and learning how to reuse this knowledge in own code
  • Particular focus on the usage of C++ templates in practical tasks
  • Development of error-unfriendly code
  • Selection of useful patterns and techniques that prove in a demanding production code


  1. C++ Basics for Experts
    • Identifiers
    • C++ Types and their properties
    • Value categories
    • Objects
    • Alignment
    • ODR
    • Scope
    • Lifetime
    • Storage duration
    • Initialization
    • Name Lookup
    • Range-based for loop
    • Special Member Functions
  2. Coding with performance in mind
    • Copy elision
    • Move semantics
    • Ref-qualifiers
    • noexcept
    • constexpr
    • Source code vs hardware - introduction
  3. Utilities that every C++ developer should know and use
    • Smart pointers
    • Lambda expressions
    • Algorithms
    • std::string_view
    • std::optional
    • std::tuple
    • std::variant
  4. Templates demystified
    • Class, function, variable, and alias templates
    • Parameters and arguments
    • Explicit and partial specialization
    • Explicit and implicit instantiation
    • Template argument deduction
    • Variadic templates
    • Fold-expressions
    • Structured binding
    • Dependent names
    • SFINAE

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