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Atomics, Locks, and Tasks

Rainer Grimm

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Atomics Locks Tasks

Training starts at

17.06.2020 for 1 half day(s)

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Trainings Details

The history of concurrent programming in C++ is short. It began in 2011. At first peek, C++11, and later C++-standards support only the abstractions for library developers but not for application developers.

But the second view gives more details. Using the right techniques and the right abstraction make it possible to use the concurrent features safely.

Each participant should have a basic understanding of C++ and a computer with a C++14 compiler.

Each participant gets a coupon to my digital book Concurrency with Modern C++.

Trainings Agenda

This training shows you the safe way:

  • How you can use atomics for simple jobs.
  • How locks help to master shared state without the inherent danger of mutexes.
  • How tasks are a significant improvement to threads and are part of the future and not of the past. Tasks allow you to
    • share the state without the need for synchronization.
    • manage values, notifications, and exceptions in a concurrent environment.
    • create producer/consumer workflows without the highly error-prone condition variables.
  • How to use concurrency in a declarative style with the parallel STL.

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