Announcing Avasts Platin Sponsorship for D&I

published at 28.10.2020 11:48 by Jens Weller

Avast joins the sponsors in Platin level to support the diversity and inclusion efforts of Meeting C++!

Jonathan Boccaras opening keynote: meta-polymorphism

published at 27.10.2020 19:17 by Jens Weller

Happy to give you some insights on the opening Keynote of Meeting C++ 2020!

Jason Turner and Rob Irving join Meeting C++ 2020 for an shared AMA

published at 26.10.2020 07:49 by Jens Weller

I am happy to announce, that Jason Turner and Rob Irving are joining us for a shared AMA at Meeting C++ 2020!

Online Late Tickets are coming

published at 19.10.2020 09:35 by Jens Weller

Usually Meeting C++ starts selling late tickets in October, this year it will be one month later for the online tickets.

The current Berlin status for Meeting C++ 2020

published at 15.10.2020 14:37 by Jens Weller

With this post I'd like to give you the details for the onsite event in Berlin in November 2020.

Flow Traders join again as a gold sponsor of Meeting C++ 2020

published at 08.10.2020 16:10 by Jens Weller

Announcing that Flow Traders has joined the ranks of the Gold Sponsors for Meeting C++ 2020!

On December 3rd is the 2nd Meeting C++ online conference

published at 08.10.2020 13:38 by Jens Weller

Announcing the next online conference organized by Meeting C++!

Announcing the closing keynote of Meeting C++ 2020

published at 07.10.2020 08:07 by Jens Weller

During September I was thinking about this years closing keynote. It would have been fine to leave it open, but its also the case that 2020 gives us opportunities and so I thought about who could be giving this years closing keynote.

An online C++ job fair on October 20th

published at 06.10.2020 10:34 by Jens Weller

A virtual job fair where you can attend and talk to different employers or job searchers is planned for October 20th.

Upcoming online C++ User Group meetings in October

published at 05.10.2020 08:35 by Jens Weller

The monthly online overview on upcoming C++ User Group meetings in October!

Meeting C++ 2020 tickets for Berlin are available

published at 01.10.2020 10:55 by Jens Weller

The tickets for onsite visits for Berlin are now on sale!

Adding Ask me Anything to Meeting C++ 2020

published at 29.09.2020 11:16 by Jens Weller

Some news on Meeting C++ 2020! Attendees will be able to attend AMA sessions with...

Optiver joins the Gold sponsors of Meeting C++ 2020

published at 24.09.2020 09:33 by Jens Weller

Happy to announce that with Optiver a long time sponsor of Meeting C++ also supporting my work in 2020!

Student and support tickets for Meeting C++ 2020 are available

published at 21.09.2020 08:34 by Jens Weller

Happy to let you know that like in the previous years, also this year Meeting C++ provides student and support tickets to the C++ community!

Two new ticket types for Meeting C++!

published at 15.09.2020 08:34 by Jens Weller

Today I can announce two important updates for Meeting C++ online and Meeting C++ 2020!

A few details and thoughts on online events like Meeting C++ online

published at 10.09.2020 16:04 by Jens Weller

A few weeks ago I announced Meeting C++ online, and now the first two online events have happend. Now I'd like to share a bit more details with you.

A returning gold sponsor: Bloomberg!

published at 10.09.2020 15:53 by Jens Weller

I want to thank Bloomberg for supporting Meeting C++ as a Gold Sponsor in 2020!

A new Gold Sponsor for Meeting C++ 2020: JFrog

published at 03.09.2020 15:54 by Jens Weller

JFrog is a long time sponsor of Meeting C++, very happy to announce their gold sponsorship for Meeting C++ 2020!

The Qt company joins the gold sponsors of Meeting C++ 2020

published at 01.09.2020 08:48 by Jens Weller

I am happy to announce the 2nd Gold sponsor for Meeting C++ 2020: the Qt Company!

Online C++ User Group meetings in September 2020

published at 01.09.2020 08:33 by Jens Weller

The monthly overview of upcoming meetings!