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Nikolai Wuttke

Nikolai Wuttke is a software engineer and technical principal at Ableton, a Berlin-based music software company. In his free time, he likes to create metal guitar covers of video game soundtracks, play with his band, collect DOS-era computers, and stare at 16-bit assembly code.


std::variant and the Power of Pattern Matching

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Alexander Radchenko

I have been programming in C++ for almost 20 years


Benchmarking C++. From video games to trading.

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Deniz Bahadir

Deniz Bahadir is a Senior Software Engineer at BENOCS (www.benocs.com) where he helps his employer to "speed up the Internet".


More Modern CMake - Working with CMake 3.12 and later

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Olivia Quinet

I have been using the C++ language intensively in different scientific
fields for over 2 decades. I obtained a PhD in Quantum Chemistry
specialized in non-linear optics, then I switched to the private
sector as a C++ software architect to develop bioinformatics programs.
I am currently working at CluePoints on the C++ SMART project.


Statistical Scientific programming: challenges in converting R to C++

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Guy Davidson

Guy Davidson is the Principal Coding Manager at Creative Assembly. He joined nearly 20 years ago and enjoys turning good programmers into better programmers.


Standardising a linear algebra library

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David Millington

David Millington is an Australian developer, currently living in Europe.  Since 2016, he has been the C++ Product Manager at Embarcadero, the company that now owns the developer tools products from Borland.


Twenty years of extending C++: What have we learned?

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Gábor Horváth

Gabor started a Ph.D. in 2016. He is a contributor to research projects related to static analysis since 2012. He is a clang contributor, participated in Google Summer of Code twice as a student and twice as a mentor, interned for Apple and Microsoft. He teaches C++ and compiler construction to undergrads at Eotvos Lorand University.


Dealing with aliasing using contracts

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Andreas Reischuck

Andreas Reischuck is the organizer of the C++ Usergroup Dresden and the Dresden Weekly hacking meetup.


Coroutine TS: A new way of thinking

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Steven Simpson

Hardware verification engineer, turned software engineer, turned infrastructure engineer. Most recently involved with developing monitoring systems for supercomputers at a well known university, but with over ten years experience spanning a wide range of software engineering problems using C++, and occasionally other languages. This has ranged from developing firmware for high-performance network switches, building distributed SQL databases, and deploying HPC infrastructure.



Instrumenting C++ code for effective monitoring

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Phil Nash

Phil is the author of the test frameworks, Catch - for C++ and Objective-C, and Swordfish for Swift. As Developer Advocate at JetBrains he's involved with CLion, AppCode and ReSharper C++. More generally he's an advocate for good testing practices, TDD and using the type system and functional techniques to reduce complexity and increase correctness. He's previously worked in Finance and Mobile as well as an independent consultant and coach specialising in TDD on iOS.



Option(al) Is Not A Failure

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Walther Zwart

Walther Zwart began his career as a physicist, writing data processing software for scientific applications. He soon became hooked on developing software and he is now a full time developer at Optiver. Walther is a library maintainer and focuses on writing simple, maintainble C++ to solve complex problems.


Clean integral code

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Hana Dusíková

Hana Dusíková
Hana is working as a senior developer in Research Team at Avast Software. Her responsibility is exploring new ideas and optimizing existing ones. She also propagates modern C++ techniques and libraries in internal tech talks and gives talks at local C++ meetups.

She studied computer science at Mendel University and subsequently taught several courses there, including Data Structures, Computability and Complexity, and Formal Languages and Automata.



Compile Time Regular Expressions

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Jonathan Müller

Jonathan is a second-year Computer Science student passionate about C++. In his spare time he works on various C++ open source projects, like foonathan/memory, an allocoator library, foonathan/array, a container library, or standardese, a C++ documentation generator. He also blogs about C++ and library development at foonathan.net.


Writing Cache-Friendly C++

Réka Nikolett Kovács

Hi, I'm a graduate student in Computer Science from Budapest, Hungary. I am relatively new to the field as I started out with a degree in Physics. I fell in love with compilers and C++ when I started contributing to Clang and its static analysis tools a year ago. Since then, I've been an intern at Ericsson and became accepted for a Google Summer of Code project at LLVM. In my free time I love to travel and learn new languages.



Structured fuzzing for real-world projects

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Björn Fahller

Björn wrote his first program in 1980. After completing his MSc in CS and Engineering in 1994, programming has been the primary source of income, mostly from writing embedded software for communications systems.


Higher Order Functions for Ordinary Developers

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