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Hello, Meeting C++ is an independent platform for C++, supporting the C++ community by sharing news, blogs and events for C++. The yearly Meeting C++ Conference and the C++ User Group Düsseldorf is what got Meeting C++ started, and today Jens Weller, the founder of Meeting C++, is fully dedicated to building a global network for C++. With a strong focus on C++, its libraries and community. Also Meeting C++ is an advocate for local C++ User Groups, and has motivated many to join or start a local group.

Meeting C++ 2019 is from the 14th - 16th November in Berlin!

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A lot of time goes into creating C++ content shared through Meeting C++. Its network offers a reach into the C++ community, with a following of over 60k across Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, G+, Youtube and Xing! Once a week the Meeting C++ blog roll offers an overview into the latest news and blog entries about C++, which are also shared daily via social media. Please subscribe to the RSS Feeds to stay up to date with everything at Meeting C++. You also can support the work of Meeting C++ for the C++ Community via Patreon.

Read about the C++, Qt, ISO Standardization and other C++ related things on the Meeting C++ blog. Join our YouTube channel, or watch "Just C++" and the talks of past conferences!



Keynotes at Meeting C++ 2019

  • Howard Hinnant
  • Howard Hinnant

  • Frances Buontempo
  • Frances Buontempo

  • Walter E. Brown
  • Walter E. Brown

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Meeting C++ Blog

Fire & Forget HTTP Requests in Qt

published at 05.07.2019 14:42

I've spend the past year often working with PHP instead of C++. And now its time to connect some of these systems with the C++ Backend that powers the conference it self.

"Lets quickly fix this crash"

published at 09.08.2018 20:08

A specific action causes one of my applications to crash. And so far I've just ignored it, as its not something that hinders daily use. But as I mostly get to work with code written by my self, no body else to blame or fix it. So yesterday I thought - ok - lets quickly fix this. After all I had the IDE already open...

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A first schedule for Meeting C++ 2019

published at 12.07.2019 09:01

The schedule for Meeting C++ 2019 is online!

Sponsoring next weeks ISO C++ Meeting in Cologne

published at 11.07.2019 15:53

I began doing sponsorships for the European Meetings of the ISO C++ Committee since last year. So as next week the committee is in Cologne, of course I also support this meeting through a sponsorship.

C++ User Group Meetings in July 2019

published at 04.07.2019 15:40

The monthly listing of upcoming C++ User Groups. This month is special, as the ISO C++ Committee is meeting in Cologne during July. Many european User Groups will also be present at this meeting with various members. As my own C++ User Group would meet in this week, for the first time ever we decided to potentially skip our traditional meeting in Düsseldorf. Want to get your own C++ User Group started? Every thing you need to know is listed under User Groups!

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Meeting C++ Blogroll 195

published at 12.07.2019 09:25

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Cutting edge Low Latency C++ Software Engineer FX Trading

published at 08.03.2019 16:27

Location: Central London

C++ generalist for machine vision team

published at 01.03.2019 09:50

Location: Oslo, Norway

Lead Senior Developer (Cryptography) M/W

published at 01.03.2019 09:49

Location: Paris, France

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