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Meeting C++ online

Meeting C++ online is a series of virtual events organized for the C++ community. It is a new online community that meets face to face online by providing a set of online events.

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Spooky Action at a Distance by Victor Ciura

I hate the term “Design Patterns”. It implies there are universally applicable solutions to some common code scenarios. Just codifying existing practice into some rules and blindly following them is a comfortable path, but not the optimal one. It turns out it’s not as easy as following recipes. Each situation and best associated solution is unique. However there is value in having uniform code structure throughout a project. So this topic is not to be discarded just yet, rather it needs more careful examination. In terms of inspectable properties of objects, what have we learned from years of OO influence from other languages and frameworks? How can we leverage these borrowed techniques in a value-oriented context? Does C++ benefit from special considerations? I think it’s time to revisit our old friend, the Observer pattern - from “theory” to practice. I’m not going to offer The Solution, rather we’re going to examine tradeoffs for several possible implementations, in various usage scenarios from a real project.

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Improving Hiring in C++ by Jens Weller

Date: 21. April 2022

Many C++ employers have open positions and are activly looking for good developers. On the other side many C++ devs are happy with their current job and don't want to be contacted by recruiters or companies. Its not easy to reach the job searching developers within the C++ communtiy.

This talk is on how Meeting C++ aims at improving the hiring process in C++ for its community and the searching companies.

The talk will go into some of the insights from the job fairs at Meeting C++ online and give an outlook what is planned for 2022 for Meeting C++ recruiting.

Meeting C++ online job fair on 28. June 2022

Employers: reserve your spot at the event | Share your CV through the Meeting C++ CV upload form with the C++ employers below

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Online C++ tool fair

On the evening of April 27th Meeting C++ hosts an online tool fair. Come to talk and ask questions to various tool vendors or book authors, watch demos and exchange with other attendees from the C++ community.

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