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Meeting C++ online

Meeting C++ online is a series of virtual events organized by Meeting C++ for the C++ community. It aims at establishing a new online community that meets face to face online by providing a set of online events. Read up on further details and thoughts on this in this news entry.

As online platform Remo will be used for hosting virtual events. Remo demo for Meeting C++ online and remo 101.

All events of Meeting C++ online are hosted under the Berlin Code of Conduct

Next Meeting C++ online user group

Meeting C++ online with Inbal Levi

Date: 15. October 2020

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In this talk, we will take the journey to compile-time.

We will start with adding templates to an existing program, and overview overload resolution and conditioning at compile time.

We will continue with exploring the latest version of template metaprogramming updated by the release of C++20.

Finally, we will present techniques to control the compiled-time logic when instantiating templates, on C++20 and beyond.

Last event

Meeting C++ online with Kevlin Henney

Date: 30. September 2020

Link to the event: click me

Kevlin Henney will give his talk "Lambdas to the Slaughter".

19:00-19:30 Socializing online in Remo (in small video calls or chat)
19:30 Welcome message
20:00 ish - Talk begins
21:00 ish - Q&A

Talk details:

Since their introduction into C++11, C++ developers have grown to love and to use lambdas, integrating them into their habits, their idioms and their production code. Each new version of the language standard brings with it improvements and generalisations of lambda syntax and capability.

This talk is not about any of this. It's not about production code or common idioms or C++xx. It's about NSFW code, computer science and some (ab)uses of C++'s lambdas. It's also fun and thought provoking.

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