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Meeting C++ is an independent C++ Conference, and a world wide network for C++. Meeting C++ focuses on C++ and its frameworks like boost, Qt and others. Meeting C++ supports local C++ User Groups through its website, a monthly overview of upcoming meetings, and will also support in the founding of new C++ User Groups world wide!

Meeting C++ 2017 is at the 9th 11th November in Berlin!

The Meeting C++ network offers a reach into the C++ community, currently it has a reach of over 46k across Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, G+, Youtube and Xing! News and blog entries are shared almost daily, once a week a blog roll with all important posts of the week is shared!

Keynotes at Meeting C++ 2017

Sean Parent Kate Gregory  3rd Keynote TBA
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Latest blog posts

by Jens Weller

A unique_ptr pool

A few weeks ago I wrote about a self-contained unique_ptr pool, which today I refactored into a more reuseable template. Reason is, that the pool class it self now needs to maintain two different kind of objects into their pools, hence the actual pool code is best now factored out into a template.

by Jens Weller

A self-contained Pool in C++14

During C++Now I started writing a small application, that plays around with dlibs face recognition features...