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Andrei Alexandrescu opening keynote Meeting C++ 2018
Conan C++ Quiz in the evening
Conan C++ Quiz
Lightningtalk by Lisa Lippincott
Nicolai Josuttis keynote at Meeting C++ 2018

Welcome to Meeting C++!


Meeting C++ is an independent platform for C++, supporting the C++ community by sharing news, blogs and events for C++. The yearly Meeting C++ Conference and the C++ User Group Düsseldorf is what got Meeting C++ started, and today Jens Weller, the founder of Meeting C++, is fully dedicated to building a global network for C++. With a strong focus on C++, its libraries and community. Also Meeting C++ is an advocate for local C++ User Groups, and has motivated many to join or start a local group.

Meeting C++ 2020: 12th-14th November 2020 online!

Meeting C++ online - the new virtual event series by Meeting C++

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A lot of time goes into creating C++ content shared through Meeting C++. Its network offers a reach into the C++ community, with a following of over 70k across Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube and Xing! Once a week the Meeting C++ blog roll offers an overview into the latest news and blog entries about C++, which are also shared daily via social media. Please subscribe to the RSS Feeds to stay up to date with everything at Meeting C++. You also can support the work of Meeting C++ for the C++ Community via Patreon.

Read about the C++, Qt, ISO Standardization and other C++ related things on the Meeting C++ blog. Join our YouTube channel, or watch "Just C++" and the talks of past conferences!



Keynotes at Meeting C++ 2020

  • Jonathan Boccara
  • Jonathan Boccara

  • Teresa Johnson
  • Teresa Johnson

  • mcpp/speaker/gabydosreis.jpg
  • Gabriel Dos Reis

AMA at Meeting C++ 2020

  • Jason
  • Jason Turner

  • Rob
  • Rob Irving

  • Hana
  • Hana Dusíková

  • mcpp/speaker/bjastr.jpg
  • Bjarne Stroustrup

  • mcpp/speaker/nicojosuttis.jpg
  • Nicolai Josuttis


Meeting C++ Blog

Mathematical constants in C++20

published at 07.04.2021 14:36 by Jens Weller

When I researched the library and language features of C++20 for the Meeting C++ Community survey, this one catched my eye.

Taming the power of C++ with AI

published at 01.04.2021 09:56 by Jens Weller

In January Bryce Adelstein Lelbach gave a talk about NDVIDIAS CUDASTL fork at my online C++ User Group. Shortly after this talk was published on YouTube I got contacted by a start up, seeking feedback on their ideas of accelerating C++ with help of GPUs and AI.

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Organizing the first Meeting C++ online tool fair on April 20th!

published at 06.04.2021 09:52 by Jens Weller

On the evening of April 20th you'll be able to see demos, meet and chat with different C++ tool vendors at the online C++ tool fair!

C++ User Group Meetings in April 2021

published at 02.04.2021 15:36 by Jens Weller

The monthly list of upcoming C++ User Group meetings, still online due to the pandemic!

The online C++ job fair was a full success!

published at 17.03.2021 13:57 by Jens Weller

A quick look at the results of yesterdays online C++ job fair.

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Meeting C++ Blogroll 275

published at 09.04.2021 16:13 by Jens Weller

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C++ Jobs

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Software Engineer for Creative Multimedia Desktop Applications

published at 01.04.2021 09:55

Location: Athens, Greece

[german] Softwareentwickler C++ (m/w/d) für Frameworks

published at 22.03.2021 16:25

Location: Leopoldstraße 236, 80807 München

R&D System Software Engineer

published at 19.03.2021 16:30

Location: Prague, Czech Republic

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