A few details and thoughts on online events like Meeting C++ online

published at 10.09.2020 16:04 by Jens Weller
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A few weeks ago I announced Meeting C++ online, and now the first two online events have happend. Now I'd like to share a bit more details with you.

As it became clear that events are moving to the online world, I did my research in which platform and what approach was the right one. I've talked to a lot of companies, and got offers ranging from 5k Euro or more per event to billing by the hour (2$ per attendee). Most online event platforms are build for lead generation, but lack many features which would be nice to haves or must haves for us. The events of the C++ community are also not build around lead generation or making business.

Also none of these start ups seemed to be ready for the boom that brought 2020. Needless to say that each platform has its own UI concepts and dark patterns. In the second quarter of 2020 most community organizers had done their research, but also exchanged on what solutions they know and favor. One solution, pioneered by Phil Nash (by organizing C++ on sea), remo has now also won the support of CppCon and Meeting C++. First, all of these events and their organizers favor an environment where attendees can exchange and have conversations about C++, this is done in small, virtual video call rooms ("tables" in remo). Secondly, sharing talks with the audience in a good way should be possible during a conference, but be more then a live stream. Remo has a build in Q & A tab for entering questions during a talk. Usually after the talk is then when the Questions get answered.

A new, international online C++ community?

It made sense to converge on one platform. Remo is not free either, the paid events like C++ on sea, CppCon and Meeting C++ 2020 + Meeting C++ online conference are picking up the costs of hosting a virtual instance of remo. These events pay the bill so that other, free events - like User Groups - can host free events for the C++ community in this environment too.

With Meeting C++ online I'd like to help create a new part of the C++ community, that meets online and embraces the changes of online meetings, virtual events and remote working which 2020 brings. I believe that some of this will likely stay, while life returns to a new normal in 2021. Also this includes a lot of folks, which prior to 2020 could not attend events, for many different reasons. I think this is a huge chance to reach even more of our fellow community members, and include them and their feedback into C++.

You can help with making this new part of the C++ community a reality simply by attending one or more of the events organized on remo!

Planning a virtual job fair

This new virtual world gives also chances to try out new formats, and as there are still a lot of companies looking for C++ developers in 2020, organizing a virtual job fair seems a great opportunity. The Meeting C++ online job fair will be on the afternoon of the 20st October 2020, 14-18:00 CEST (I'm happy to extend into the evening for the US). For this to work, Meeting C++ is looking for employers willing to participate via registration of a virtual table for their company! Please forward this to your HR department if you have open positions.

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