Announcing Meeting C++ online!

published at 20.08.2020 10:13 by Jens Weller
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Finally I can announce a few more details on Meeting C++ online: it is a series of virtual events organized by Meeting C++ for the C++ community.

This year has brought a new age, and Meeting C++ will embrace this with hosting online only events in addition to the yearly conference. Its natural addition to what Meeting C++ already offers for the C++ Community. So Meeting C++ online will be a series of different virtual events organized by Meeting C++ for the C++ community. Its a mix of free and pay to attend events, both eventtypes can also be supported through sponsoring, which will give you a table or booth inside the virtual event space. Join Meeting C++ online on meetup to become notified of planned events.

The plan is to have every month one user group meeting, and once per quarter a full day online conference, which you can get tickets for. The first online conference is on September 24th, you can submit talks until next weeks friday. If you submitted a talk that was not accepted for Meeting C++ 2020, submitting your talk is a simple click in the listing of your talks. So some of the talks that could not fit into Meeting C++ 2020 can now find a their spot. For the full day conference some details will be added in the next weeks, like the chosen speakers and talks. The early bird tickets are available until September 10th. Sponsorship options for the full day event will become available later.

There are some additional ideas for event types in the planning phase too, I hope to announce some of these in September!

As online platform Remo will be used for hosting virtual events. A first impression of remo.

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