The current Berlin status for Meeting C++ 2020

published at 15.10.2020 14:37 by Jens Weller
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With this post I'd like to give you the details for the onsite event in Berlin in November 2020.

First, let me say that unless there is a local lockdown, this is going to happen. I've been in Berlin at the beginning of the week, and had a meeting with the hotel. So this is the up to date information. And I assume for some of you its something to look forward to, to enjoy a real conference with actual people in 2020. The tickets for Berlin are available, and these include access to the online event.

Covid rules on site

There is a rule change in effect for Berlin, which gives us for the event an interesting option. The "6 folks at a table" rule for restaurants now also applies to events. Which means you will attend with a group the event, that then is also on the same table when lunch is served as well as when you sit in the conference room. Though I might make that group smaller, like 4 or 5 instead of 6. On site will also mean that some of the speakers that plan to come, might sit with you on that table. If the regulations change, we likely keep the group concept, but your seating at the conference could then be in a group of separate tables.

The usual rules of social distancing and wearing a mask apply. The printed table number on your badge should also let you know with which group you can hang out during the conference. This separation also makes it hard to have a super spreader event. I expect that most attendees will have a preference for the online event in this year, so we will be a small group. Maybe 30, maybe 50.

Some part of the event is going to be in the evening, and this part then is going to be online only.

Why not cancel Berlin?

Ah, glad you asked. First let me say that the mentioned lockdown might happen, and seems the best legal solution for canceling right now. And in this case every ticket will be an online ticket.

In any other case, the hotel currently would prefer to have something on site, and the situation is rather complex. Everyone seems to serve their own interest right now, and the hotel of course isn't going to cancel a contract that they could still hold up to in a way and make money with. I'm negotiating with the hotel, and hope that in a way, we find a solution. And thats likely going to be to host a small onsite event in case there is no lockdown. My own judgement for the worst case for cancellation from my site would be costs up to 100k €.

I want to point out that attending Meeting C++ 2020 online is possible, but for the small group that might want to come to Berlin or is in Berlin I'd like to give an option to an onsite event. Attending either way supports Meeting C++ and helps me in covering the costs of this year, how high they ever might be.

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