Meeting C++ is looking for sponsors!

published at 17.08.2020 14:15 by Jens Weller
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With Meeting C++ 2020 slowly taking shape, I decided to also make sponsoring of this years conference available!

Sponsoring is an easy way to support the work of Meeting C++, as my work is mostly funded through the ticketsales and sponsorships of the yearly Meeting C++ conference. So maybe your employer is interested in sponsoring Meeting C++ 2020? Also the first batch of online only tickets for Meeting C++ 2020 is available now in the Ticketshop!

This years conference will be different from all prior conferences, and so its a good time to do things differently, you can now book your sponsorship online!

The following sponsorship levels are available:

*Online booth will depend on the technology used to bring the virtual part of Meeting C++ 2020 to you. If a booth in Berlin becomes feasabile, it will first be offered to existing sponsors.

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