Meeting C++ 2022 program is complete

published at 10.11.2022 16:41 by Jens Weller
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Freezing this years schedule, the work on this should be now complete. I'm happy that we could fill in every single slot at the end.

This years program features 3 keynotes and 3 AMAs. Likely a unique combination going forward. The first two day will likely also have the AMAs being streamed into the main hall. The conference features 4 Tracks, with A, B and C being onsite, and D being online only. The online part of the conference will also feature a live stream of the main Track A with the keynotes.

Its been a hard year to organize Meeting C++, I am very happy with the result. I'm looking forward to see some of you next week in Berlin, and a few more online.

The two schedules

Something I should address in this post is why Meeting C++ has two schedules and not one: the live schedule and the static schedule. This is not only for historical reasons, but also the yearly conference page lives under domain/year, This part of the website is a static HTML website, with only very simple means of doing non-static things. This is by design. The static schedule is also the basis for the part that is hanging out on the doors at the conference. If changes occur during the conference, these have to either be reprinted or manually corrected with pen. In this year thats also where you'll find that order of the house, dealing with this year unique ethical conflicts regarding the pandemic and onsite conferences.

The static schedule servs an important role: it is the document that last. Does not need a script or database to load. But a dynamic schedule has also it advantages, so to have a schedule which can offer more then just being a static website, it needs to be hosted generally in the part where the rest of the dynamic website lives. That way I can show the books, trainings and other information I have in the database. The live schedule is always the schedule of that years conference. Also it was a measure to have an easy schedule for a one track conference in 2020 and got then expanded to multitrack in 2021 and adopted to 4 tracks in 2022.

Some of these features are today also in the static schedule, as dynamically loaded elements, like the books of speakers and the sponsors.

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