Looking for C++ employers for the job fair in May

published at 07.04.2022 14:29 by Jens Weller
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A call for employer participation in the online C++ job fair in beginning of May.

If you have open positions to fill and/or are looking for C++ talent, don't miss the chance to hire through Meeting C++ events! Sponsors of the event will be listed in the CV Sharing form at Meeting C++ and receive CVs submitted by candidates directly through Meeting C++. This brings the advantage that you reach the many candidates that could not make it to the event. Further your logo and a paragraph or two about your company are listed on the website and advertised on social media. Free tables have 4 instead of 8 seats and will be listed below the sponsors. The free option is limited to the time of the event and companies can only participate twice with the free option. The last event had 71 candidates apply to the various sponsors of the event.

How the event works

The event happens in a virtual lounge where candidates can go from employer table to employer table and have a chat with different companies. This is split into an afternoon and evening part, each are 3 hour long. Candidates may share their resumes/CVs with the sponsors before, during or after the event.

The audience of the event is heavily influenced by which and how many employers are present. In 2021 this has been mostly a mix of european employers from various fields. The various fields employers are from does also have an influence on the make up of the audience (GameDev companies attract game devs).

Hiring with Meeting C++

So if you want to get involved with hiring C++ devs through the reach into the C++ Community Meeting C++ has, reserve your table for the event on May 3rd & 4th!

Employers can also choose to become part of the Employer Listing, which lists you for one year on Meeting C++ and lets candidates submit their resumes to you through the CV sharing form. If you have any questions about hiring with Meeting C++ please reach out via LinkedIn, Xing or email (info@mee ... cpp.com).

You also can read through the insights gained from running the online C++ job fair in 2021.

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