Keynotes at Meeting C++ 2020

published at 29.04.2020 16:49 by Jens Weller
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Today I can announce the first two keynotes for Meeting C++ 2020!

The opening keynote

Jonathan Boccara is known for his blog and book on expressive coding in C++. I'm a longtime fan of his blog, seen his great talks on various topics in C++. I think that with one of the most active C++ blogs and experience in using the language in an expressive way, Jonathan is able to give a great opening keynote for this years Meeting C++. I  look forward what he has to say in November.

The center keynote

You might know Teresa Johnson from her work on LTO (Link Time Optimization), she gave in 2017 a Talk at CppCon about her work then: "ThinLTO: Scalable and Incremental Link-Time Optimization". She works on Googles C++ compiler optimization team, and has worked on LTO related features. I am looking forward on what she has to say and teach us on LTO and related features.

It is always a difficult decision who should give keynotes and when. And this year doesn't make things easier. For now I can't decide on the 3rd slot, have some thoughts on this, but lets see how things go along.

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