How Meeting C++ can help you to close your C++ knowledge gap

published at 28.10.2021 12:04 by Jens Weller
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With 1.5 years of the pandemic behind us and one more "season" ahead for many of us, I'd like to show you how you can improve your C++ skills with the events organized by Meeting C++!

Meeting C++ organizes many online Events on Hubilo with its Meeting C++ online User Group. This started over a year ago and today it hosts 1 - 2 evenings of C++ content per month. Usually a talk or a fair like the online C++ job fair or the book & tool fair. The next meeting of this User Group is next week, hosting Daisy Hollmans CppCon Talk What you can learn from being too cute: why you should write code that you should never write.

Then next week is Meeting Embedded 2021. Its an afternoon of embedded topics presented by speakers from the community. We'll be hanging out in Hubilo and listen to talks from embedded Qt over mobile C++ to hear at the end a junior devs perspective on C++, embedded & IoT. You can get you ticket until Wednesday, I'd give you the tip that there are Kombi tickets available in the ticket store at Meeting C++ right now. That way you can buy one ticket for both conferences!

And in less then 2 weeks its time for Meeting C++ 2021! I'm happy to present this great online conference to the C++ community in this year! I could fully focus on making this the best it can be. Hubilo is a great platform, that is able to host various things in parallel on one website. Its important to me that attending the conference is easy with a simple login into one platform. Meeting C++ 2021 will not only offer 29 talks by 31 speakers, but also 6 AMAs and on two days we'll have a C++ Book & Tool fair. During he whole event the lounge is always open and you can just hang around with other folks from the C++ community. So its kind of the hall way track, and a central place to meet other folks from the C++ community in.

The tickets sold for this event are the main funding on which Meeting C++ runs on, but thanks to Avast I can offer Student and Supporttickets for those that don't have an employer or other means to pay for their tickets.

Also the recordings will be accessible in Hubilo for a few weeks (30 days if I remember correctly).

One of the things I've been working hard on this year is the online fairs. The job fair is a success story, and for the edition after the conference I'm looking for employers to participate. I've blogged today about the results of the last job fair.

My long time goal is to improve the hiring process in C++. The job fair has a great reach into the C++ community through Meeting C++ and even those that aren't able to attend still submit their CV/resumes over the sharing form. Each of the job fairs had at least 50 submissions, so in the first year over 200 C++ developers submitted CVs to the companies sponsoring the fair. This allowed me to work and improve the tooling constantly, as the funding was provided through the sponsorships. So if you're looking for C++ devs, please join us in November for the job fair!

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