Highlighting the student and support tickets for Meeting C++ 2022

published at 04.10.2022 14:14 by Jens Weller
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With the schedule published, I'd like to highlight the student and support tickets for Meeting C++ 2022.

For a few years now Meeting C++ has hosted programs to give students, underrepresented folks and those who can't afford a ticket access to the conference. This is supported through the ticket sales and some times sponsorships.

The difference between the two programs

The student program is meant for those currently being in one way or another an enrolled student. Usually this is checked with a student ID at the conference when registering, in this year its more based on trust. The support ticket exists as an umbrella for all the groups that are not able to simply buy a ticket, but are not students. Examples can be that you are part of an underrepresented group, going to school or are unemployed.

For each of these groups currently 25 slots are reserved. You can apply until the end of October. You can support these programs through buying a ticket or sponsoring this years conference.

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