All talks and speakers of Meeting C++ 2021 are now online!

published at 20.09.2021 15:44 by Jens Weller
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Finally I am able to publish all speakers and talks of Meeting C++ 2021 and a first version of the schedule!

This years conference will feature 29 Talks, 27 of them are in 3 parallel tracks, while 2 feature in the evening program. The conference will also feature 6 AMAs with Bjarne Stroustrup, Hana Dusíková, Gaby Dos Reis, Sean Parent, Daniela Engert and Kevlin Henney! The Schedule is a first version, and a few more things will be added to this schedule later!

The talk listing was online since August, but its kind of a hack: its simply a listing of what is in the database. It was important for me to give you that informatoin as quick as possible. Having this content also on the website is a bit more time consuming, plus trying to build a schedule. Unlike last year, this years schedule is 3 Tracks in parallel, so I have to write some code to generate it. Last years code just was handling a single track conference. I still have to get the code for the static schedule working to bring the same information to the static website.

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