A look at next weeks Meeting C++ 2020 online conference!

published at 02.11.2020 19:38 by Jens Weller
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I want to give a quick outlook what awaits you as an attendee next week!

First, Meeting C++ 2020 is an online conference, the planned onsite part is canceled. More about this in the last paragraph, as first, lets look whats happening next week!

The online part

Next weeks conference will consist of two tracks hosted in remo, one for talks and one for communication/networking/live video chat:

These links are not live yet, but will forward you to the bit more complicated remo url hosting each event. That way its easy to switch in the browser, and these will also be linked from the website. You'll be able to watch the talk and have the conversations on the tables in the main track, but if you'd like to have an indepth discussion on a topic or join a group talking about the last talk, the lounge is the place to go. There you will also be able to talk to the sponsors present with a table. I decided to against splitting the sponsor presence into a third remo event, I think that sponsors should be part of the event and attend with you in the lounge or the conference track.

Remo is the online platform that is used for Meeting C++ 2020. I've recorded a short remo demo for Meeting C++ online and you might also watch remo 101 to become familiar with remo. If you have an external webcam, headset or microphone these might go well with attending the event. Remo runs very well in the browser on the desktop, but might tell you at the start that your platform is unsupported(e.g. linux). There is an app, but I'd favor to watch the talks or attending the lounge track from a desktop machine for the full experience.

There will be two schedules. There is a new "live schedule", which allows you to switch the times to your timezone. Also it enables you to comment on talks or reach out to speakers during or after the conference. As this years conference is single track, you can not select your talks yet. The other schedule is the one you see on the website, a simple static html page.

And with that, I hope to see you next week at Meeting C++ 2020! Tickets are available in the ticketshop, the ticket programs for student and those that need support close on November 9th!

Berlin situation

Long story short: the Hotel has been closed for all of November, and hence had to cancel the event. This means that Meeting C++ does not have to pay a large cancellation fee or for the room contingent. Also there was not a big interest in the event in Berlin, already early bird tickets sold very slow with the ongoing pandemic. From 38 registrations for the waiting list, only a few tickets actually got sold for Berlin in October. So for the last weeks it was clear that I'd prefer canceling, but was still talking to the hotel about the cost of this. The lockdown measures resolved then this situation by last friday. If you have an onsite ticket (Berlin or Early Bird) these tickets are valid for the online part too! Please reach out to me for a refund until November 30th.


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