Comparing the ISOCPP survey results with the Meeting C++ community survey

published at 22.04.2021 14:53 by Jens Weller
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Last week the results of the ISOCPP 2021 survey were released. You can read abou the whole survey and its results on

The survey takes a bit of a different approach then my own continuous survey tool does. Only a few questions are actually in similar form in both surveys, so these are the ones I'll have in this blog post. For the other results, please take a look at the ISOCPP survey. Even with 74 questions currently, my own survey does not ask all the question, and some formats that ISOCPP can do over survey monkey are currently not available in my survey tool.

From the candidate questions to compare, I chose 4 questions which actually match kinda well accross surveys or complement each other. For the Meeting C++ survey I've chosen again the format that shows the results for 2020 (left) and the ongoing results for 2021 (right).

Lets start with how many years folks are coding in C++.


As you can see, ISOCPP has a fewer options, still the results are kind of the same.

Both surveys also ask if you will upgrade to a newer standard, again the Meeting C++ survey contains a few more options


Also of course there is the question which C++ standards you currently use in your projects:


In the last entry about the survey results for tooling I already showed the sanitizer question, here it is again compared to ISOCPP.



My own survey seems to go a bit more into the details for the questions that matched for both surveys. Its not always the case though, and some other questions in the ISOCPP survey did have detailed options to answer. Comparing is possible, but have in mind that often the answer options are not exact the same. Both surveys give an important insight into the C++ community.


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