8 years of Meeting C++

published at 14.07.2020 15:49 by Jens Weller
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In 2012 Meeting C++ got started in July. Planned first to be a one off conference, now it is a successfull international conference and a platform for C++ on the internet.

The roots of Meeting C++ go back to C++Now in 2012, when I talked with many attendees about starting a similar, community focused conference in Europe. So from talking myself into it and doing some research to the announcement in July was about 6 weeks, where I thought about how I wanted to do things. Back then CppCon did not exist, and C++11 was still a very fresh standard mostly awaiting implementation.

When I started Meeting C++ in 2012 I wanted it to be a conference, but also motivate attendees to take a little bit of this home, and start their own User Group. This has been an on going core goal of Meeting C++ since then, help folks find their active User Groups, or start their own locally. I also felt that C++ was missing or lacking in some parts for community related things, with the new standard being out, how would we reach all these programmers? And today Meeting C++ is a part of this community process in C++.

For a few years now, it has been my job to organize the conference, but also share the current news about C++ and help with spreading the word about C++ on social media. Meeting C++ has grown and I'm still working on some plans, especially 2020 has been and will be a change to how things are done for conferences.

I've been also working on new things, new features added to Meeting C++ in the last year include

And more to come later in 2020.

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