The ticketshop and more is open for Meeting C++ 2017!

published at 04.05.2017 15:15 by Jens Weller

Traditionally, the things start for the Meeting C++ conference in April, with announcements and opening of the ticket shop. This is a bit different this year, as some restructuring and reorganisation goes on behind the scenes. And this takes a bit long then planned, so thats why some things this year are a bit more delayed then in the previous years.

Including the ticketshop, which is now open. And with this a reminder, that the early bird tickets are limited, and will sell out before their usual expiration date of ~July. Also, make sure you get your room for this years conference in the andels hotel, with 3 days it really pays off to also stay in the location!

Not yet available is the registration for the student and accessibility tickets. This year, there is again the chance to attend the conference for all those who couldn't come otherwise. The student tickets are this year only for students, the age requirement is removed. Those who don't study, but are not able to attend the conference through buying a ticket, are covered by the accessibility tickets. Both groups will provide 25 attendees with a free ticket, the selection for this will be random. I hope to open the registration for this by June.

You already can submit your talks to the conference, a few already have done so. Its a good idea to do this early, as the system provides you with an edit link, so you are able to edit your entry later. I'd like to see lots of new speakers, to have a more diverse set of speakers and opinions on the conference this year!

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