One more week to submit your talks!

published at 31.05.2017 15:58 by Jens Weller

A quick update on the call for talks for this years Meeting C++ Conference! Most important, you get one more week to submit your talks! While already enough talks are submitted, I'd like to give every one the fair chance to submit! Especially for the outreach for new speakers, I'd like to make sure that those who miss the original deadline still have a chance to submit!

The new and final deadline is next week Thursday, the 8th of June, Midnight CET. After this I'm going to setup the voting system for this year, and the week after the voting should start. After a voting period of ~2 weeks, the final selection starts based on the voting result. All past attendees and ticketholders of this years Meeting C++ conference are able to vote. Last year the average Vote per talk was 47 votes.

Submissions sofar

With many submissions still coming in today, tomorrow and in the following week, the competition will be tough. So, if you submitted your talk already, its good to know that you are able to edit the submission until the final deadline. There are many great submissions already, and many new speakers have submitted a talk, the conference will be a great mix of experienced speakers and new voices on C++!

For those who have submitted, there is one thing I'd like to adress. Some of you seem to copy and paste from Word or other tools into the form. I can't guarantee for the correct display of such HTML in website or voting tool, as its full of span, div or other elements and css classes not present in the CSS of my website. You can easily check your submitted HTML through your edit link for each talk.


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