Meeting C++ @ CppCon

published at 14.09.2016 10:32 by Jens Weller

On Sunday, CppCon starts, and I will be once again visiting Bellevue for this great week of C++ content. I'm looking forward to meet many old and new friends!

This means that you'll see mainly CppCon content next and the comming weeks, as all sessions are recorded. The first days I will focus on finishing my talk and preparing two lightning talks. Then CppCon starts, and I'm looking forward to meet many new members of our community. Talk to me if you are interested to start a new user group, I'll gladly give you the support so many others already had.

My Schedule

I'm not sure yet which talks I want to visit, so far I could never decide that in advance. There is a few highlights, and ofc. my own talk which is in parallel with talks from STL, Howard Hinnant, Fedor Pikus and John Lakos. I'll be missing these talks :/ The other talks, I usually decide on the day.

The keynotes will again be a highlight, especially looking forward to Dan Saks and the plenary of Jason Turner.

My own talk is about the experience I had in writing my own CMS with C++. It focuses on the use of Modern C++ in the combination with Qt. As I only have an hour, I will not focus very much on the CMS, and more on C++ and what I learned. I also prepare two lightning talks. one about programming and one about presenting code.

I will also be part of the community session on Tuesday, during lunch time.

And if you miss CppCon, there is still time to plan your trip to Meeting C++ 2016!

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