Can you sponsor Meeting C++ 2016?

published at 05.09.2016 17:48 by Jens Weller

A final call for sponsors! With only a few weeks left, its a good time to come on board as a sponsor!

With my trip to the Andels Hotel in Berlin I saw that this year Meeting C++ will also offer plenty of space for booth and hence companies to present themself to this years attendees! Also two more talk slots are available, and a few other options to present yourself as a sponsor at Meeting C++ are available!

Unlocking more potential for C++

Over the years, I have been in contact with various companies for sponsoring. But I feel that this could be more and better, if only the right people in an organization would know about the potential of sponsoring Meeting C++. This is where you can help, you know how Meeting C++ connects many people in the community, be it with supporting User Groups, C++ Bloggers or the conference itself. You also might know the right contact in your organization for sponsoring, which can have many incentives. Such as HR, presenting Tools and Software for developers and/or showing your SDK/Framework to the C++ Community. So maybe you could contact them, if sponsoring Meeting C++ 2016 is an option for your company? You also can contact me under!

I'd like to integrate more companies into the Meeting C++ Network to help the C++ community. The conference is mostly funded by the ticket sales, but sponsoring is a huge help to make Meeting C++ and C++ Evangelism my everyday job. But community work is often cherished, but not valued enough by companies, this is why I only will work with companies that are also sponsors. I want to thank my current sponsors (and those from the recent years) for supporting my work!

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