Announcing the Lounge Track

published at 25.10.2016 16:12 by Jens Weller

If you look at the schedule, you might notice two changes. Most visible is that there is now a floor plan for the conference. The other one is very subtle: the breaks now have a hint for a 6th track. Also: if you don't have a ticket yet, you should get it with in this week!

And its by design, that this track is in the breaks, in one of the lounges. Which is another change from last year: this year Meeting C++ has two lounges, and the reason is the 6th track. I want to put a little bit more Meeting C++ into Meeting C++. The lounge track just offers 5 slots, and always starts during a break, but its by design that a group can stay for the next session in the upper lounge, so that you don't have to break up when the session starts again.

All sessions in this lounge track are meetings, where a group of moderators wants to meet with a part of the C++ Community, with 5 slots, these 5 topics are available: Qt, Diversity, boost, C++ User Groups, SG14. They meet in the upper lounge in this order during the breaks, the lunch and last break are not used, as I want everyone to be able to get their food at the event, and the upper floor isn't available to the last break.

Yet this track is different: there are no slides, its not recorded, lightly moderated by members of our community.


In this year Meeting C++ already has a boost workshop, Boris Schäling and Michael Caisse are two great people from the boost community. Also Jon Kalb, the organizer of the C++Now/boostcon conference attends Meeting C++ this year. Not to mention that there is a large boost community in Europe, which now has the change to meetup at Meeting C++!

Diversity - community for everyone

There is a group which has formed in this year within our community to discuss ways to improve the diversity in the C++ community. I'd like to give the attendees the chance to discuss this with the organizers of Meeting C++ and C++Now/CppCon, members of the C++ Committee.


For the last years, many people have noticed, that there is not a lot of Qt content at C++ conferences, yet many users of Qt are attending. Since Lars Knoll and a few other Qt folks are this year at the conference, its a great opportunity to meetup and have a chat about the latest Qt news!

C++ User Group & Organizer Meeting

Meeting C++ wouldn't be Meeting C++, if not so many of you started to organize or attend the user groups for C++ since 2012. So I'd like to give also the User Groups a slot to have a meetup. This is also a good meeting if you want to start a C++ User Group and have questions.

SG14 Meetup

SG14 is a great success story, which started at the first CppCon. I'd also like to give them a little space to meet with our community, and be an ambassador for the Committee. With Michael Wong and Guy Davidson we have two high profile members of the SG14 group at Meeting C++. Unfortunately Michael will only make it into Germany at Saturday, so that this meetup might start with out him.

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