Videos of Meeting C++ 2017 are coming!

published at 22.12.2017 20:33 by Jens Weller

Since last week I finally have the videos of the main track, so that I can start processing videos from the conference! The first batch of videos from Meeting C++ 2017 is already online!

The good news

With this now all video material is ready for processing, so I'll plan to release about 4-5 Videos a week in January, until then already the keynotes and lightning talks should be online. The secret lightning talks are already online. As no company is doing the processing for Meeting C++, this still takes some time, but all talks from Meeting C++ 2017 will be online. Maybe even the Quiz!

The bad news

There has been some problems with the recording, especially the recording not done by the Meeting C++ staff. For a while it was unclear how bad the problem is, but most of the video seems to be fixed now by the recording company, the only real loss is the opening keynote: the first half hour from Seans Keynote is missing in the slide recording, so that I probably will have to fix this by hand. So as it looks, its a minor problem, which takes some effort in fixing. Thats why I'll plan to release the other two keynotes first, and then Seans Keynote followed by lightning talks / talks.

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