The online C++ job fair was a full success!

published at 17.03.2021 13:57 by Jens Weller

A quick look at the results of yesterdays online C++ job fair.

A picture of the online job fair

Yesterdays online C++ job fair was quite exciting, it gave you the chance to talk in remo for 3 hours to 15 different companies. My goal with this event is to create an opportunity for the C++ community and companies to come together and have a talk. Some companies might do interviews on site, while others will contact the candidates that are a match in the following days. The event was busy for the full time.

And you still can share your CV with the employers below until the end or March.


My special thanks to the employers above, which supported the event and with that the work of Meeting C++! This also means that there is now funding for online activities, as tools like remo are not free. Remo currently funded by group of community and conference organizers with the backing of

The form for sharing CVs has been used 58 times from 20 different countries for this event so far:


This shows the amazing reach into the C++ community Meeting C++ has for this event! I looked into the overview for each company, and so far companies received between 44 - 49 CVs through this form. Though some companies have been listed way earlier, and hence received CVs over a longer time span. Since not every company is interested in international canidates, I introduced an option to select the regions you'd like to receive from. One company used this, and did receive a more refined submission of CVs.

Next Event & Further plans

The next online C++ job fair is planned for May. In the beginning of April will be the official annoucement. I've been working hard in the last weeks to launch new features and update old ones. This is now all part of an on going reworking and new launch of Meeting C++ recruiting.

The details of the May event will be on the website with the announcement, currently I favor splitting the event into an afternoon and evening version. Companies and candidates can then choose which fits them better. Likely its not going to be the same day, as 3 hours of talking in a video conference is enough for one day...

I did actually launch a feature yesterday, just in front of the event. The logos of the companies at the event are now also visible in the job area together with a link to the submission form.


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