Student and support tickets for Meeting C++ 2020 are available

published at 21.09.2020 08:34 by Jens Weller

Happy to let you know that like in the previous years, also this year Meeting C++ provides student and support tickets to the C++ community!

TL;DR: You can register for a Student and/or Support ticket. Of course these are in 2020 for the online version.

Since many years Meeting C++ gives away 50 tickets, for the last years it has been a split 1:1 between students and folks that other wise couldn't make it to the conference. Both programs draw the ticket winners from pool of registrations. You need to create a Meeting C++ account, in order to take part in this program. Volunteers will have a use of this account during the conference, and I am thinking of ways to make it also useful for attendees and the more general online Meeting C++ audience.

It is quite unique to offer 50 free tickets for a conference like Meeting C++ 2020. Mainly its supported through the sponsoring of the conference, so if you'd like to support this, think about asking your employer to become a sponsor of Meeting C++ 2020.

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