New Employer listing & posting Jobs on Meeting C++

published at 15.02.2018 11:23 by Jens Weller

Today I am finally able to announce the upcoming employer listing on Meeting C++!

Employer Listing

You can apply for the employer listing here. I'd like to give companies the chance to support Meeting C++ and be visible as a C++ employer in the job section. The listing will be visible as a list of logos next to each job posting, as this is probably the best place to be visible as an employer. Also there will be seperate listing of each employer, which the logos link to.

This is part of an effort to offer services to companies in the C++ field, in order to integrate them better into the Meeting C++ network.

Post your jobs!

Since a few weeks now, you are able to post your own jobs to Meeting C++! Your job posting then also will be shared on the Meeting C++ social media channels, reaching lots of potential C++ job seekers. This makes processing job postings a lot easier, and already a few companies have used the form in the last weeks. In the past usually a pdf/worddocument or a link to a website with a job posting was the source for the job posting, and to copy anything out of a pdf or word document for a website is a pain. So this new process makes things easier for everyone.

Meeting C++ recruiting

As an edition to all of this, in a few weeks the Meeting C++ recruiting service will return. This will be the HR Service from Meeting C++, where you are able to choose which companies should receive your CV.

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