Flow Traders join again as a gold sponsor of Meeting C++ 2020

published at 08.10.2020 16:10 by Jens Weller

Announcing that Flow Traders has joined the ranks of the Gold Sponsors for Meeting C++ 2020!


Last year, Flow Traders was one of the sponsors present at the conference with a booth in the main hall. But also were the first company to sponsor a coffee break at Meeting C++! Since I'm not sure how coffee breaks will look at the conference in Berlin in 2020, that option is not available this year unfortunately. But I do value sponsors giving additional support to improve the conference very much!

Flow Traders about what they do and who they are:

We are a leading global technology-enabled liquidity provider, specialized in Exchange Traded Products (ETPs). Our trading desks in Europe, the Americas and Asia provide liquidity across all major exchanges, 24 hours a day. As a technology company operating in a financial environment, we are using C++ to build some of our most important applications. Low latency, high reliability and scalability is a common denominator for these applications. Distributed at the datacenters across the world, they form our principal technology platform which quotes bid and ask prices in thousands ETP listings, as well as similar financial products.


For our headquarters in Amsterdam and our office in Cluj we’re constantly looking for the top C++ talent to join our teams. Do you have what it takes to join Flow Traders? Check our openings!

Saying thanks to one more returning sponsor in 2020 feels great. Its a year the support through sponsors is really needed, thanks to Flow Traders and the many other sponsors also supporting Meeting C++ in 2020!

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