Confirmed Speakers & Talks at Meeting C++ 2017

Last week the decisions for who could speak at Meeting C++ 2017 was made, and the selected candidates were contacted. Here is a little overview on talks and speakers for this years conference. There is a few speakers which haven't reacted yet, hope to share these talks soon too.

Speakers & Talks at Meeting C++ 2017

  • Mutz - Stringviews, stringviews everywhere
  • Kazakova - Tools from the C++ eco-system to save a leg
  • Mendelsohn - Reader-Write Lock versus Mutex - Understanding a Lost Bet
  • Jusiak - Concepts driven design
  • Turner - Practical constexpr
  • Schäling - The hidden rules of world-class C++ code
  • Brand - How C++ Debuggers Work
  • Müller - Fun with (user-defined) attributes
  • Turner - Moving to C++17
  • Cukic - Functional Data Structures
  • Iglberger - Free Your Functions!
  • Horváth - Beyond the Compiler: Advanced Tools for Better Productivity
  • Bolívar Puente - The most valuable values
  • Henney - Declarative Thinking, Declarative Practice
  • Bratterud - True parallelism with no concept of threads
  • Bikineev - Reflection in C++Next
  • Ropert - C++ API & ABI versioning
  • Bergner - Reactive Equations
  • Bergdoll - Is std::function really the best we can do?
  • Reischuck - Improve your C++ by taking inspirations from other languages
  • Mallia - C++: unexpected behaviour
  • Grimm - Threads and Locks must Go
  • Petriconi - There Is A New Future
  • Mertz - Code Reviews - Why, What, and How
  • Lakos - Local ("Arena") Memory Allocators
  • Douglas - Introduction to proposed std::expected<T, E>
  • Nash - Modern C++ Testing with Catch2
  • van den Elsen - Testing and Verification of Concurrent Programs
  • Boccara - Strong types for strong interfaces

These are most talks, a few are missing, as the speaker hasn't yet contacted me. Unfortunately also one speaker is not able to come and present. A more complete overview and the schedule for the conference will take a few weeks, as first goal is to launch the new website...



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