C++ in 2014

published at 24.01.2014 19:04

As the year is just a couple of weeks old, what can we expect from C++ in 2014?

An overview on smart pointers

published at 10.01.2014 12:20

My last blog post in 2013 was about the pointer in C++, and how most of its daily usages in C++ is now being replaced by classes replacing or managing the pointer. The last case, the RAII like objects called smart pointers is the topic of this post. I want to give an overview over the choices one can make when using smart pointers.

C++ future and the pointer

published at 20.12.2013 17:21

A look at Qt5.2

published at 12.12.2013 17:17

Suddenly a wild Qt5.2 appears. Digia and all the contributors to Qt have done once again a great job. With Qt5.2 Android and iOS are now supported, QML runs without V8 JavaScript engine on its own engine. So, some great changes come to Qt with 5.2.

Say hello to wxWidgets 3.0

published at 04.12.2013 14:40

I remember the times, when wxWidgets 3.0 was already talked about, several years ago. Now, its been published in November, though I have to take a look at it. I've been using wxWidgets for years, but moved on to Qt for my own projects. So, lets have a look at wxWidgets 3.0...

Creating zip-archives in C++

published at 22.11.2013 17:46

Today I had to do some research into how to create archives in C++, as this is my windows machine, a windows or better platformindependent solution is needed. My plan is to write a small backup tool, which simply copies folders and files (maybe with filtersupport) into an archive. Of course there is the zlib as a solution, but I'm looking for an easy way to do things, and not an C interface. So, I started my search for a solution...

Founding local C++ User Groups

published at 15.11.2013 16:39

I've talked to some people at Meeting C++ 2013 about this, but decided not to go into the details about this at this years conference. That would have meant to have another good talk not at the conference. So, here is my thoughts and a little overview on C++ User Groups. Note that a lot of what I write also applies to you, if you just want to found a User Group for something else then C++. But I use C++ User Groups as an example, as its only logically with my expierence.

Meeting C++ 2013

published at 12.11.2013 17:34

Meeting C++ 2013 was a blast, and for me a huge success. With over 200 people visiting the conference, it was a lot bigger then last years conference! With 21 Talks in 3 Tracks and 2 keynotes, the conference has evolved into a format, which I'd like to keep for the coming years.

boost 1.55 - a short overview

published at 12.11.2013 11:43

So, boost 1.55 was released shortly after Meeting C++ 2013. This version brings a new library and updates the supported compilers. Since 1.54 there have been some quite interesting discussions about modularizing boost and moving to git. The dependency view has not changed much for this version:

C++11 and boost

published at 11.10.2013 18:05

Some parts of the Standard Library in C++11 are predated in boost. When playing around with C++11, you get used to using some parts in the Standard Library that are used in C++03 with their boost counterpart. Also, there is some libraries now occuring, which are C++11 based, so interfacing with either boost or C++11 code is soon an issue.

C++ Papers for Chicago: Part 4 - Library, Network, Reflection and C++14

published at 27.09.2013 15:40

C++ Papers for Chicago: Part 3 - Library

published at 24.09.2013 16:01

Generic Programming: A personal motivation

published at 25.09.2013 20:37

C++ Papers for Chicago: Part 2 - Core, Concepts & Evolution

published at 16.09.2013 12:59

C++ Papers for Chicago: Part 1 - Concurrency

published at 14.09.2013 14:40

A look into boost::thread

published at 11.09.2013 20:36

In the 3rd week of September I'll be giving a 2 day training on boost::thread, I thought its nice to post a short overview of the boost thread library...

C++ Conferences this fall

published at 01.09.2013 17:27

As holiday season is coming to an end, lets have a look at the upcoming C++ Conferences. This fall offers a few special events, with great C++ content. But before listing them and writing about, a short paragraph about why you should visit one of these events.

Revisiting the BlackBerry 10 NDK

published at 28.08.2013 18:06

resumable functions - async and await

published at 18.08.2013 22:46

Releasing Boost Dependency Analyzer 1.1

published at 09.08.2013 13:48

A few weeks ago I released the first version of my tool to analyze the boost libraries. This is now the release of version 1.1, which comes with a couple of enhancements. New main features are a configuration dialog, the ability to filter edges and nodes, and the ability to choose between two different sources for the libraries in boost. But first, thank you for the feedback, some of it has inspired the new features.