An Interview with John Lakos

published at 11.06.2015 21:10

In 2013 and 2014 I interviewed Michael Wong at C++Now. This was a follow up on his keynote at Meeting C++ in 2012, and it was interesting to learn from Michael about the C++ Committee, Transactional Memory, Parallelism and his views on C++. So, with this years C++Now coming up, I thought about recording again an interview there, as I now also have far better camera and video editing options...

The C++ highlights and more of GCC 5.1

published at 23.04.2015 20:56

Just recently, GCC 5.0 has been released as GCC5.1, the not only the newest version of GCC, but also bumping up the version number from 4 to 5. This release is a major milestone for GCC, but also for C++, as it brings full C++14 support, but yet not C++11(std=c++11) as the new default. So the C++ world has now two fully C++14 compatible compilers: Clang and GCC.

boost 1.58 - a short overview

published at 17.04.2015 16:54

Refactoring my Qt database code

published at 14.03.2015 23:23

For two days I had the chance to clean up my code and do a little refactoring. One of the results is, that my database code now also uses variadic templates. For some time now, I use Qt as the UI and Database frontend of my applications which I'm working on.

Counting bits

published at 21.02.2015 23:25

I did a bit of fun coding. I'm currently thinking on how to generate random bytes. The mersenne twister RNG is known to give very good randomness, so it would be a possible an easy source. But first, I wanted to know, how random is the mersenne twister really? So, when counting the bits in the result of a few thousand calls to a rng, the distribution should be even. So, today I wrote code that counts bits, and tested it on the mersenne twister.

C++17 Library Papers for Cologne - Part II

published at 18.02.2015 15:41

So, this is the second part about the papers for the Library Working Group Meeting in Cologne next week. The last part already covered some interesting papers, and gives an impression on what will be included into the Standard Library for C++17. This posting contains proposals from the last mailing in 2014 and the first in 2015.

C++17 Library Papers for Cologne

published at 13.02.2015 16:12

Ranges for numerical problems

published at 12.02.2015 17:06

std::random_shuffle is deprecated in C++14

published at 05.02.2015 21:18

So, one of the new things in C++14 is, that the committee has actually started to deprecate (and later remove) a few things from the standard. One of them is a rather awkward function: random_shuffle.

C++ in 2015

published at 15.01.2015 15:05

The year is still young, so lets have an outlook about what is going to happen in C++ Land in 2015...

And that was Meeting C++ 2014

published at 19.12.2014 19:23

Do you remember? 2 weeks ago, the first day of this years conference came to an end, and I was happy to know that things went so well. Actually I was getting a little nervous, things seemed to be a bit too perfect...

Using AES encryption in C++

published at 26.11.2014 12:22

When it comes to encryption, there a few options you have in C++, a few years ago I implemented an RSA encryption based on the OpenSSL APIs, which was not too pleasant, but worked. For my current project, I was looking for something else, as I can add any dependency to my project. So this blog post is a short example of how to use AES with crypto++.

Where will Evolution lead C++17?

published at 08.11.2014 14:35

This is the third part in my series about the proposals for the current C++ committee meeting in Urbana. This time its all about the subgroup Evolution, which has the most papers, so this is only the first part. The previous parts were about concurrency, and Part 2 about core, networking, models and undefined behavior.

C++ and Zombies: a moving question

published at 31.10.2014 11:53

This has been on my things to think about since C++Now. At C++Now, I realized, that we've might got zombies in the C++ standard. And that there are two fractions, one of them stating, that it is ok to have well defined zombies, while some people think that you'd better kill them.

Looking for C++17 - Urbana Proposals from Core, Modules, Networking, Reflection and Undefined Behavior

published at 01.11.2014 12:56

The second part of my series about the proposals for Urbana, where the next C++ committee meeting will be held. The papers grand us a first view on a distant future - C++17. I also published last weekend an alternative listing of the proposals by mailing and subgroup. And maybe you also want to read the first part about proposals for concurrency.

Urbana Proposals - C++17 insight? - Concurrency

published at 25.10.2014 01:17

A short series to give you an overview over the Papers submitted in the latest mailing for the C++ Committee Meeting in Urbana-Champaign in Illinois. At the beginning of November the C++ Committee will have its 3rd Meeting this year. As C++14 is now finished, the focus is clearly on the upcoming C++17 standard.

My visit to Qt DevDays 2014 in Berlin

published at 12.10.2014 20:07

Insights into new and C++

published at 03.10.2014 15:37

My Trip to CppCon

published at 16.09.2014 12:38

I just returned yesterday from my trip to Bellevue/WA for CppCon. Its been 10 awesome days, and a ton of fun. It was an honor to support this idea from day one as a community sponsor. I already posted some images of CppCon 2014 at facebook and G+.

C++ Conferences in Fall 2014

published at 27.08.2014 12:25

Like last year, I'd like to give an overview over the C++ Conferences happening this fall. As the holiday season comes to an end, it might be time to plan your trip to one of these conferences. Before I go on about the various conferences, a short word on why should one go to such an event.