Voting results for Meeting C++ 2019

published at 02.07.2019 12:39 by Jens Weller
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On Sunday the voting on all talks submitted for this years Meeting C++ conference ended. Here is a quick overview on the results.

With 184 active voting sessions, this year sets a new record. This helps in giving every talk a fair review, as not all sessions get to cover the 120 submitted talks. A little less then 50% of the active voting sessions came from folks already having tickets for this year. These sessions receive a higher vote weight in the end result.

Top 11 Talks

This will be the main Track:

Adelstein Lelbach Modules are Coming
Engert Modules - The Beginner's Guide
Hoekstra Algorithm Intuition II
Doumler C++20: The small things
Warzecha C++20 Coroutines
Josuttis Combining C++17 Features in Practice
Adelstein Lelbach The C++20 Synchronization Library
Gross Counting nanoseconds: benchmarking C++ code
Kalb Modern Template Techniques
Bahadir Oh No! More Modern CMake
Renn-Giles Real-time programming in modern C++

There are additional 32 Talks accepted, forming the B-D Tracks. Of which the C track is mostly for new speakers and the D track kind of gives a balance to topics and speakers.

The selection of talks was this year also difficult, as some folks from the committee want to attend after the ISO C++ Meeting in Belfast. So the voting has given again a good selection for the main track, and after that I had to see how to balance on talks, topics, speakers and committee members.

The full program should be released in July, followed by the schedule in August or September.

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