Volunteering at Meeting C++ 2017

published at 13.09.2017 11:05
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Something new, which didn't exist in the last 5 editions of the Meeting C++ conference. You are now able to become a volunteer at Meeting C++ 2017, like you can and always could do for CppCon.

Historically the staff for Meeting C++ first was from my own C++ User Group, then did grow by 1 or two persons per year. Mostly people I selected, because I knew them personally well and trusted them with handling anything during the conference. With growing to 600 Attendees last year, and going for a 3rd day, I'd like to amend my team at the conference with volunteers, as CppCon or C++Now always have done.

Your main job is to support and help my team and me with the organization of the conference it self during the conference. Like the staff, you should be from Wednesday evening to Sunday in Berlin. As Meeting C++ is placed in a hotel, a lot of the boring jobs like working at the wardrobe are already done by the hotel. Your main job is to help with the registration, and then during the conference with the video recording and handling of speakers during the talks. Announcing speakers, checking the mic, and monitoring video/slide recording.

Please apply until October 1st. You must be over 18 years old, and a EU citizen.

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