The voting on the talks for Meeting C++ 2019 begins!

published at 14.06.2019 11:48 by Jens Weller

With today, you can start to vote on all 120 submitted talks for Meeting C++ 2019!

With 120 talks submitted by 82 speakers, there is a lot to vote on. You don't have to vote on all talks, the order of talks is randomized, so as long as enough folks vote on a few talks, every talk should get a fair number of votes. You can vote for every talk between 0 - 5, where 5 is the best vote you can give. Also its possible to leave a comment and feedback for the speaker. The deadline to cast your votes is the last day of June.

Most folks will not be able to see information on the speaker, but my staff and former speakers mostly will be able to see who submitted a talk.

The only requirement is that you have a Meeting C++ account or have purchased a ticket for this years conference (see next paragraph), those that subscribed to the Meeting C++ newsletter will get a voting newsletter as a reminder to vote later today. This used to be only the folks having visited Meeting C++ in the past. But due to GDPR this approach does not work anymore.

If you bought a ticket for this years event and/or submitted a talk, you'll receive an email with a voting link today, over this link you can vote without having an login at Meeting C++. As not everyone is registered with their correct email, this email might reach you later or not at all.

The voting page it self is meant to be used on a desktop or tablet, if you'd like to help with adopting it to mobile, your feedback is welcome.

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