The next Meeting C++ online job fair is mid November

published at 12.10.2021 15:29 by Jens Weller
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On 16th & 17th November is the 4th online job fair organized by Meeting C++ in 2021!

This event will offer a great opportunity to hire the best C++ talent that Meeting C++ attracts through its reach into the C++ community. So if you have open positions you'd like to fill this year or in early 2022, this is the place to be! Sponsoring the event will allow attendees and other job searchers to share their CV/resumes directly through Meeting C++ with you. Employers should register for a table at the event through this form. The employer listing also enables you to be listed all year on this form and receive new candidate submissions.

The event will happen again on two days, starting on an afternoon and ending on an evening for Europeans, hosted in the Hubilo Lounge.

Insights from the last event

The job fair in September was a great success, thanks to the 4 companies sponsoring the event! This was the first time that the event was hosted in Hubilo, and the lounge feature fits the event nicely. Also new was that the CV/resume sharing form allowed candidates to share their relocation and remote preferences with employers. I hope that this helps employers to make the right selection of candidates to contact. With the 4th edition now I've added a way for employers to share this too.

There have been 82 submissions from 26 countries, which is 22 more then the event in May. I plan to blog about some of the insights about the candidates next week.

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