The Meeting C++ online job fair returns!

published at 23.08.2021 14:48 by Jens Weller
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In September the online C++ job fair will happen for the 3rd time in 2021.


The first two online events in remo have been a great success. They've been very well received by the C++ community and this event will now be a part of regularly scheduled events for Meeting C++ online. As remo is not available anymore, the event will be hosted in the new online event platform for Meeting C++ 2021. The event will be again on two days: 21st/22nd September, with the first day being in the afternoon and the second day in the evening. That way more folks are available for joining the event from their time zones. Employers need to register via this form for the event, for job searchers please register on meetup. Its up to you if you'd like to attend one or both events.

With this event Meeting C++ aims at creating a better interface between searching employers and job looking members of the C++ Community. Employers can tap into the reach and visibality of Meeting C++ to reach out into the C++ community, while being able to receive cv/resumes of job searching candidates through Meeting C++. The CV/resume sharing allows candidates to share their resumes with emloyers interested. For Employers the same form allows to setup filtering criteria to be visible to only candidates which are matching criteria out of C++ options (think C++ Standards or libraries,...), fields of experience with C++ (think Desktop, Embedded, Finance,...), Location (continent) and years of experience. By default an employer matches with everything, and the last event had 60 candidates from 26 countries submit, so its crucial to decide if you as an employer want to set a certain minimum criteria in the filtering.

I also want to mention that while the event will receive many visitors, some of the candidates will not be able to attend or meet with each employer during the event time. These candidates then use the form to share their CV/resume with the matching employers they choose. So the listing for the event will not limit employers or candidates to the 3 hours of each event.

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