The Meeting C++ employer listing is online

published at 07.03.2018 10:11 by Jens Weller

With this week, a feature of the old website returns: the Meeting C++ employer listing. So companies with open C++ positions get a permanent representation at Meeting C++ with their profile and contact information.

Renewing the job section

In the first 2 month of 2018 I mainly focused on video editing and adding new features to the job section. 2 of 3 planned features are now launched: You can post your own C++ jobs easily to Meeting C++ via this form. The employer listing gives now companies a way to be visible through out the job section of Meeting C++. Your company can apply for the listing through this form.

The 3rd feature is going to be a recruiting form, allowing you to choose to which companies you'd like to send your cv. I hope to launch this in March. Both the recruiting and the listing are paid offers, so companies participating in this support my work for the C++ Community through Meeting C++. Thank you very much for this!

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