Testing online platforms for Meeting C++ 2021

published at 27.07.2021 15:42 by Jens Weller

In August, Meeting C++ online will host 3 test events on 3 different online platforms to test which one should be chosen to host Meeting C++ 2021.

For this year, the conference of Meeting C++ is online only. I've made this decision last year, when it was clear that this is an option that is available. With predictions of a 4th Wave in Europe in Fall, it seems to be the right decision. Since 2020 Meeting C++ online gathered a community of folks interested in C++ and attending online events into a User Group. With one year of experience in hosting online events, its time to move forward and see which platform should host these events in the future.

In the first 3 weeks of August Meeting C++ online will host these events for you to get a first feeling on how a platform performs:

All these events are planned for two hours, with networking, a talk and a part of parallel sessions.

The focus of each event is the ability to exchange knowledge about C++. These events will contribute to making a decision on which platform to choose to host Meeting C++ online for about a year, as these licenses are usually billed annually. The conference in November will then be on the same platform, and the events of the User Group in September / October will also serve as an onboarding of Volunteers and Staff.

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