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published at 12.04.2018 10:53 by Jens Weller
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Last week announced, now you can submit your talk to Meeting C++ 2018! This year its the 7th edition of Meeting C++, the 2nd time that it spans 3 days!

Speaking at Meeting C++ is a fun experience, you get to attend the speakers dinner, attend the full conference for free and enjoy the luxurious Hotelrooms the Andels offers from Wednesday to Saturday! You can look at last years schedule to get a feel for what your competition might talk about, but have in mind that you don't see the talks that were not submitted! If you want to talk about a C++ topic that wasn't covered yet, or have a unique idea for your talk, please submit!

Start speaking!

Meeting C++ encourages you to start speaking about C++, as we all like to hear more and different voices and opinions on the wide range that C++ has become since C++11. Thats why Meeting C++ has a track that is dedicated to new speakers! If this is of interest to you, please read Jon Kalbs blog post on Developing Talk Ideas, additional information on speaking and slide design is available in the speaking guidelines of Meeting C++! You'll find help with your talk in the C++ slack under #speakerscorner.

Your submission

The form asks for a little bit of data, for your talk its the title, description and outline are most important. The title should be kept short, it should not be a long sentence. Abbriviations are fine, especially if they are well known in the field. The description should be 2-3 paragraphs, which tells the attendees what you are talking about. Short and informative. The outline is mostly for the review, its not going to be visible later on the webpage, its just an overview on what you want to cover. As there is a lot of time between the submission and the conference, no one expects you to have a finished talk before submission, matter of fact most of the speakers still write and improve their talks until the last minute. But this gives the reviewers an important feel on what you'd like to cover. A list of bullet points mostly works best. The bio is the few words you'd like us to know about yourself. As mentioned, you are able to edit your submission until June 10th!

The conference will cover your hotel stay in the Andels Hotel from Wednesday - Saturday.

Voting & Decisions

What happens after the deadline? The voting starts a few days later...

Unlike other conferences, Meeting C++ has no real dedicated program committee, all attendees of the past, plus those who already have bought a ticket are included in this voting. Last year over 200 people voted on the submitted talks, each vote is between 0 - 5 points per talk. Visible during the voting is only the talk info (title, description, outline), former speakers and staff members are able to see also the speaker name and bio. More details on this once the voting begins.

Final decision is then made once the voting deadline has passed.

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